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  1. Wow. This change has RUINED the search function for me. In fact, it is almost useless for my needs. I had already been using the OLD search as the first set of changes did not meet my needs. Not everyone uses a smart phone for geocaching. Not all of us geocache by randomly driving around then stopping to see what caches are in the area !
  2. Very true. I have a Pirate-themed cache that has received 100 Percent in Favorite Points-to-finds...but the cache itself has few finds due to its location/terrain rating. Thus this cache seems less "favorable" than another cache I placed, one which is literally a pill bottle with a foam bat glued to it. LoL And seriously, I know too many caching friends who give Favorite Points to their friends or simply because of the age of a cache, and I personally think of FPs a form of "popularity contest" vote.
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