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Unable to save, save and preview or submit for review


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once a cache has been sent in for review and needs some changes, I CAN edit the cache.

I can NOT save, save and preview or submit the edited cache for preview.


All I get is "waiting for geocaching.com ..."


Tested with different webbrowser and pcs.


Does anybody know this problem? Any solutions ?

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1 minute ago, Jonnyrino said:

After reading other topics, looks like it's a system wide problem - resulting in similar errors here and there.


I wonder what "update" caused this.


Let's hope it's figured out and fixed by tomorrow!?


It's just one of those busy weekends.  Slows things down.  I'd expect it to be back to normal by Monday.

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Same here.  Spent the day updating an old cache with many stages.  Page needs a lot of minor changes and can't make any of them.  Have entered all the data three times and and all three choked down and were lost.  Doing the other 4 stages tomorrow so hope I can update them all tomorrow night.

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Klopt, bij mij werkt het heden ten dage nog niet. Het indienen van een cache (ter beoordeling) wil nog niet. Ik kom niet verder dan het kiezen van de grote van de ache. Daarna is het afgelopen, en springt hij terug naar het begin van de pagina en kom ik niet verder....

Helaas kan ik dus geen nieuwe cache meer indienen ter beoordeling. (p.s. bij de andere 89 ging het wel goed !!!!) 

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