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Oregon 700 Map in Activity Mode


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I can't seem to get the map on my Oregon 700 to respond to a dashboard change, but only while in activity mode. In classic mode it's fine. The map shown in activity (geocaching) mode has the word USE in the lower right, a red pushpin and a circular return arrow at bottom left. Touching that return arrow always brings me back to the same page, in this case it's the Satellite page. In classic mode, touching any part of the map (with dashboard showing) brings me to the same map (with push pin, etc. as above) but touching the return arrow brings me back to the map page with dasboard. I de-activated all maps but basemap and the result is the same. I also removed an SD card with an OSM map on it but the result is the same. I didn't see anything about this in this forum or GPSrCHIVE, but I may have overlooked it. I hope it's a setting and that I don't need to hard do a hard reset as the initial setup was flawless including bluetooth and wi-fi, etc. Regards.

To clarify, it appears I'm missing the regular map page with dashboard and an "X" in the lower left corner, but only when in activity mode.

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Additional info added.
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1 hour ago, luvvinbird said:

I added more info. That info may not have been there when you read it.


"To clarify, it appears I'm missing the regular map page with dashboard and an "X" in the lower left corner, but only when in activity mode"


That map page does not exist in Activity Mode.

Do you have the map page set as a data screen?

The map page in activity mode does not work the same as the map page in classic mode.

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I have five pages in in Classic Mode: Satellite, Compass, Trip Computer, Altimeter and Map. I have the same five pages in Activity Mode. Everything is identical except the Map pages. In Classic Mode I get a map with aGeocache dashboard but in Activity Mode I don't. I have the option for it but it's not changing from the image shown .



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1 hour ago, Atlas Cached said:

I remember reporting to garmin a very long time ago about profile corruption if more than {x} number of settings were changed without exiting and restarting the profile to force the GPSr to save and reload it fresh.


Did you make a large (>5) number of changes to that profile before this occurred? 

It's possible. I added pages and adjusted data fields in the trip computer. But I noticed the map right away. Especially the word USE staring at me. I also updated to 4.70 immediately after checking the version. I just received this unit today, my 19th Garmin. Not quite up to your ownership level but getting there, lol. I especially wanted this one for a trip to southern California next month as I like it's compact size and geocache live feature. Perfect for travelling. Sadly, my 66s is still misbehaving and I just can't rely on it. My heart sank when this little guy was acting up, too. But I've got a couple of weeks yet to give it a good workout. I'm hopeful. Regards.

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