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Private ground or not?


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I have a problem and I need some opinions: I live in a little village near a forest. In this forest lies a long, long time abandoned quarry with a little Hut. Everything is covered in moss, grown over and really run down, so there has not been anyone here for at least two decades. Now I thought this hut would be a perfect spot for a cache but I don't know: Does it still count as a Private property where I am not allowed to leave a cache or is it okay? 

I mean, I don't even know if the company which managed this quarry still exists and the place is just a perfect spot for a fun cache

What are your opinions? 


Btw, I am from Germany, so excuse my English and if there are any special German law regulations I should know about, let me know 


Thank you very much, for your answers ;)

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On this side of the pond we have property taxes so the tax assessors office maintains maps and property ownership records that can be used to determine who to contact for permission when necessary. It is my understanding that your country has some "lost places" with unknown ownership and that could add complexity to the issue. Your best approach is to contact the local volunteer reviewer and request assistance.


Hope this helps.



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Hallo Power_Bauer...


ein guter Start wäre ein Blick in das Deutsche Wiki und dan auch noch in die regionalen Seiten deines Bundeslandes. Auf jeden Fall wird hier ein wenig beschrieben, wie allgemein mit den Lost Places in Deutschland verfahren wird.


Wir empfehlen dir aber eine(n) Reviewer(in) aus deinem Bundesland anzusprechen, und dort dein Vorhaben zu erläutern. Ansprechpartner findest hier auf www.gc-reviewer.de.



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