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Plinko Gadget Cache

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I am wanting to create a gadget cache in which the cacher drops a coin down a Plinko type game to access the log. If they get through the right slot, the bottom will drop. I am trying to accomplish this without the need for any coding, so I thought that possibly the coin could complete a circuit by touching the two correct nails to activate a solenoid lock. In your opinion, do you think that this will work? If not, what would be another method for making this contraption possible?

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I've solved a number of maze puzzle boxes (like this one) where you open the box by rolling the metal ball through the maze to the end, and then sliding a lever to unlatch the door. Mechanically, the metal ball completes the latch mechanism. Sliding the lever without the ball does nothing. And once you slide the lever with the ball, it kicks the ball out at the beginning of the maze.


Something similar might work if the coin rolled to the right slot. The lever would push the coin in a way that triggers the latch that opens the cache door, and then drop the coin into the return. And if the coin rolled into the wrong slot, then it would just fall into the return.

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22 hours ago, TeamRabbitRun said:

Are you thinking of a contraption where the cacher has to use their own actual coins?

If they don't fall out the bottom, then you might run afoul of the guidelines.


Sounds like fun, tho. Hope you make something work.


Yes, I was going to have them bring their own coins. However, the coins will fall out the bottom for the cacher to retrieve. 

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19 hours ago, niraD said:

If you have them bring their own coins, then you'll need to design the mechanism to accommodate various size coins, or tell them specifically what kind of coin to use.

I’ll state in the description that they must bring a quarter, since it is the most common large American coin.

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