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Feature Request: One Log-in to rule them all

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Currently, if we log into the website, it doesn't log us into the forums, and vice versa. I understand that the forums are hosted elsewhere, separate from the main site, but is there some way to make it so that when we log into one, it logs into the whole site?

For that matter, can that be extended to all of Groundspeak's sites? Waymarking.com and Wherigo.com both use the geocaching.com login and profile, so why not integrate all of the sites so that when we are logged into one, we are logged into all?

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I'd like it to remain as-is thanks.   :)

There's more than enough examples, that the only reason we were able to get info on what's going on with the site, is logging into this "hosted elsewhere" forums.

If there was some way to guarantee something wouldn't mess that up , guess I might be for it...


Sometimes I'll lurk the Waymarking and Wherigo sites if something I might be interested in is going on.

"One log-in"  would no longer allow anyone curious to view things without involvement.  I might want to join one some day...

 - I can already view most on Waymarking and Wherigo without being logged in BTW.




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Fair enough. The logged in comes from a cookie stored locally, so maybe there's a way to associate the cookie with all of the sites while leaving the log-in independent on each site?

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