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Texas State Parks Policy on Geocaching.

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Hey all,


Just thought I'd drop a line on some info I've run across about placing caches in Texas State Parks. I know a lot of people have placed them in parks, and a few have had theirs removed. I e-mailed the Texas Parks & Wildlife people and just asked what the policy is with regard to Geocaching. Well, the surprising thing to me is that they replied that they have NO policy at this time with regard to it, but a "wait and see" attitude. They did state, and they emphasized, that you MUST get permission from the park manager and coordinate the placement of caches in order to minimize damage to sensitive areas, etc. So it seems that most of the caches that have been removed from Texas State Parks have been the result of our not getting permission to place them.


They are fully aware of Geocaching, and the word is spreading. We will wind up shooting ourselves in the foot on this issue if we don't follow the rules. Right now they do not have a negative opinion of Geocaching, but, they also don't have that positive an opinion either. Let's put it this way, by placing Geocaches responsibly, and WITH permission, we could be ahead of the game with regard to our State Parks. If we don't, well, it'll be the battle with the National Parks all over again....


Let me know what you think.


Mac McKinney aka "Breaktrack" icon_biggrin.gif


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Originally posted by Breaktrack:

...they have NO policy at this time ...


...you MUST get permission from the park manager...

Ok, so which is it? You can't say both of those. Either there is NO policy, or there IS a policy where you must get permission. I hate bureaucrats. icon_frown.gif


> Martin (Magellan 330)

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There is no rule on paper about it, but if'n ya wanna keep the cache in the park and be on good terms with the LM, talk to 'em.


I don't see this as beauracracy. The more we talk to 'em the better things will be. If folks try to hide caches under the rangers' noses, the reception will be less than warm.



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You know...

depending on "our" (Texas Geocachers) approach to this issue, we might even get park managers involved in the sport/hobby/hunt. Texas has so many well kept parks with riding/walking trails that it would be a shame NOT to promote a little "treasure hunt" for some folks. You know, make 'em git up out of the cmapers or tents and explore the natural flora & fauna of this great state and have fun doing it.


Just my one and three quarters cents worth. icon_rolleyes.gif




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We were camping in the Waco area over the weekend. Did some caching as well. One of the caches we did was in Mother Neff's State Park. This was a really nice park, and deserved a second cache, so we went to talk with the park ranger. He had heard about geocaching, and said other parks hadn't had any problems that he knew of. We told him that there was a cache in the park, and we would like to place one as well. He knew about the cache, but was very pleased that we asked permission to place ours. Said that the other was placed without his permission, but he really didn't care that it was there.

His whole attitude seemed to change as we were talking. The fact that we asked really seemed to impress him. We left him a park map with the cache location and our contact number, as well as the geocaching web site address. Hopefully, we have one more park ranger on our side!


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There ya go! Exactly what they want, just to be involved and aware of the cache being placed! I'm sorry, it just doesn't seem that hard to me.


As for the previous, yes, you can say both, they have no "official" policy and while they are trying to figure out what their "official" policy is going to be, they insist that we ask permission before just placing caches willy-nilly where we want. I thought it was pretty clear, but, I could be wrong, so I hope this clears it up. As for the North Padre National Seashore.... fergit it... my understanding is they don't even want to TALK about it. Oh well....


Keep on caching! (but, er, ask permission first?) icon_wink.gif


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Hey, thanks for the info. I'm planning my first cache placement, and a local state park (Lake Arrowhead State Park) is my first choice for a place to hide it. I'll see if I can do some surfing this weekend and find out who to contact.


Teresa (Adovbs)

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