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Add start and stop time when event is added to calendar

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On the homepage there's this function to add the details of an event cache directly to a calendar "Add to calendar". Recently the start and end times of events were added a data fields when events are created, and are now displayed as header data on the webpage as well. That's great, but downloading the event to the calender still creates an "All day event" that has to be fixed, meaning it still is time consuming to fix it.


Is there any work already in progress to complete the change with regards to the start and end time of events and roll out a fix for this?

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Hello developers,

I hope, that this is the right place for my problem.


The function "adding the event date and time to my calendar" is great, but ...
 - we are in Germany with MEZ (UTC+1h) at winter and MESZ (UTC+2h) in summer.
 - the fields Start time and End time in the list heading show the correct time,
   for example "Start time 12:00 PM End time 12:30 PM"
 - I choose "Add To Calendar" with OUTLOOK / iCal
 => my outlook shows start time 21:00 and end time 21:00


I looked in the vcs file for this download to calendar and found
"DTSTART:20190219T200000Z" equal to 21:00 MEZ
"DTEND:20190219T200000Z"   equal to 21:00 MEZ

But this fields should show
"DTSTART:20190219T110000Z" equal to 12:00 MEZ
"DTEND:20190219T113000Z"   equal to 12:30 MEZ

for a correct entry to Outlook/iCal.


I think there is a bug and it should be corrected.


Regards, teddy.66

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@rogernordin : if I import the vcs item to my outlook, it creates a single day appointment. But if I openthe button  "recurrence" / "Serientyp" I get the proposals for a weekly appointment.

Leaving this with "OK" creates appointments for every week. For a single day event I have to leave the recurrence window with  "cancel"/"abbrechen" .

Perhaps - is the problem you describe already fixed?

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