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  1. You'll usually see a blue dot on the List icon in the bottom navigation when you have a downloaded List that changed. In that case you see a round arrow on that List. A change would be for example if you added a cache to a downloaded List - since that cache is not part of the downloaded data of that List yet, the app encourages you to refresh the List. @the Seagnoid, scrolling through your Lists, one of your Lists you show a green round arrow next the the overflow menu (three dots in a circle) on the right. You can either refresh the downloaded List by tapping the green round arrow, or remove the offline data of that List via the overflow menu. Both actions should clear the blue dot.
  2. No specific plans as of now, but with more people adding more friends this would certainly be a great addition to make it easier to find friends in the list.
  3. Thank you for reporting this. This has been fixed in the next available app version.
  4. This issue should be fixed in the most recent release (Android app version 9.1.0)
  5. Before an archive log is posted, the CO will see a modal asking if they are sure that they want to archive their cache. Only after confirming this will be cache be archived.
  6. Thank you for all the comments, we are keeping a running inventory of your feedback. While we are not planning to roll back the changes, we are committed to keeping the old links available for you to access for the time being. We will evaluate the long list of requests from this thread, as well as from other feedback and feature requests we have gathered. These include the ability to see all of your finds and hides, additional information such as region and country information, and new filter functionality to name just a few. Before we remove the old search results, we will make further updates to the current search results based on the feedback we have received. Although we have no timeline to share at this point, we will keep you updated with release threads as updates are implemented.
  7. Both iOS and Android are now at 100% roll out so you should be able to update your app to the newest version to see souvenir sorting.
  8. This is correct, Basic members will see their owne find and hides, as well as other players' hides sorted by date instead of distance. I can't reproduce the sorting by distance for Basic member account, when I test it consistently sorts by date (FoundDateOfFoundByUser)
  9. Thanks for the call out. The roll out to the app stores is currently in progress. Everyone should see the new version within the next 4-5 days at the latest.
  10. We have updated the default sorting for viewing Your finds Your hides Someone else’s finds Someone else’s hides to be “Found On” and “Placed On”, respectively. As mentioned in my previous post, this change allows Basic members to see the results sorted by a different parameter than distance (the default for all other search results): found date and placed date.
  11. Thank you for all your feedback so far. We are currently working on updating the default sorting for viewing Your finds Your hides Someone else’s finds Someone else’s hides to be “Found On” and “Placed On”, respectively. Until this update is implemented, Premium members can manually filter for the desired date by clicking on “Found On” or “Placed On”. For Basic members, the current available functionality is limiting the sorting to “Distance”. With the update we are working on, we will open this up to allow for sorting by found date and placed date in the above cases. Thank you also for reporting bugs! I have reported the pre-existing bug of unexpected sorting further down in the search results and will post when we have an update. I have also reported the unintentional search results when viewing someone else's finds and then adding the filter to only show caches that I also found. Some of the other suggestions will likely take a bit longer to implement, but we are documenting your feedback and will take it into consideration when we take the next steps.
  12. Thank you (and others who have mentioned it) for the feedback of the default sort by "Found On" date when viewing someone's finds. This is on our list of possible future improvements.
  13. reybr had the correct answer: If a Basic member looks at the profile page of another player, the text "All Geocache Finds" (and any cache types in the finds list) are not linked. Viewing the finds of another player is a Premium member filter option.
  14. Over the last couple of months, we have gone through the feedback that we received from those of you who filled out the survey. With the help from this feedback, we have made some updates to the profile page: By far the biggest suggestion we received was to reduce the whitespace, so we have tightened up the page, reducing ~70-80 pixels of vertical whitespace. A lot of survey responses asked about the option to edit the profile, and we have added the edit option more prominent in the link list. Between the profile page and the dashboard, the avatar image was very different in size which led to some challenges in choosing the best avatar icon or photo. Now the two images are the same size To make more use of the space in the souvenir tab, we have reduced the whitespace to show 4 souvenirs per row instead of 3. There were many more great suggestions that we will keep in mind for future updates. Thanks again for your input!
  15. Thank you for the feedback! Adding your own logs is on the whishlist for future features! I will look into the date format issue, thanks for pointing that out!
  16. Thank you for pointing this out. I should have mentioned in the release notes that with the roll out Android it might take a couple of days before you will see this feature on Android! I'll update the OP.
  17. During the AR experiment we explored the option of adding a new cache type but for various reasons we decided that that was not the ideal path forward. Sorry for this unexpected blast from the past.
  18. During the AR experiment we explored the option of adding a new cache type but for various reasons we decided that that was not the ideal path forward. Sorry for this unexpected blast from the past.
  19. We are closing this forum thread since there don’t seem to be any more questions pertaining to this release. The conversion of images has not been changed or updated with this release. But if you're interested, you can find some information that may answer some of the questions in this thread.
  20. In hopes to answer some of the questions: When uploading an image to Geocaching.com, it is converted to progressive jpeg. This means that the image will be progressively downloaded, improving website speed. What this looks like on a slow connection is that the image will become clearer and clearer with the progressive download (in comparison, non-progressive loading would show the image slowly appearing line by line from top to bottom).
  21. Today we released a small addition to this feature. From the search results, you can now also map results including D/T combinations on the search map.
  22. You can access the feature from your statistics page here: https://www.geocaching.com/my/statistics.aspx
  23. I'm happy to report that the bug is now fixed. Please let us know if you see anything else amiss.
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