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EarthCache about geodesy?

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As I have seen for several years, a part of the EarthCache guidelines says which topics are okay and not okay to make an EarthCache about. This following sentence intrigues me:



[Unaccepted sciences]


  • Geodesy, unless specifically linked to the location.


For those not aware geodesy is the science which measures Earths geometric shape, its orientation in space and its gravitational field.


I have seen a couple of ECs which main focus is geodesy. Most of them are however quite old, with one exception. That one does not however have educational logging requirements about geodesy related to the site.


Simply put my question is if it is possible to make a geodesy-Earthcache today with the guidelines that exist now? I am wondering what requirements might be set to the location. The highest point of a region? An area with interesteng topography? I am also curios which site-specific questions such an Earthcache might have. Compare some given points regarding to altitude? Making a minor topographic map of a given area?

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Welcome to the forums!


This sounds like the kind of question one of your EarthCache reviewers could answer best. But I'm sure others will chime in with ideas. I found one older thread about an EarthCache that includes geodesy---The given example seems to work because it is  "specifically linked to the location"   Earth's Orientation - South Pole


I am guessing you have a site in mind. I'd love to know what it is about the potential site you have in mind makes it 'perfect' for geodesy as the main focus. Could you explain in a couple of sentences?

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Thank you!


If it were the case that I had one site in mind, I would probably have asked my local EC-reviewer about its possibilities. I may have one or two sites in mind, but since I do not know what requirements might be set to the site I do not even know if it is worth a shot. What site can be interesting from a geodesic point of view (except for the south and north pole)? As previously mentioned can an EarthCache be made at the highest point of a region, or an area with interesting topography? Or must the site fulfill other requirements? I am mostly just curios, since the guidelines does not rule out such Earthcaches and since there are quite few of them.

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On 1/5/2019 at 11:24 PM, Coland said:

As previously mentioned can an EarthCache be made at the highest point of a region, or an area with interesting topography? Or must the site fulfill other requirements?


The earthcache guidelines don't rule out topics on high points and interesting topography, but they do require that an earthcache site be unique.  An earthcache should be used to teach an observable  earth science lesson, normally connected with geology. 


If there is something geologic you can demonstrate about the high point or the interesting topography (e.g., how it formed, what it's made of, how it's weathering), then that can be the basis for an earthcache.  But it has to be something more than "here is a mountain, and as you can see, it is tall." 


(Of course, since you already own many earthcaches, you should already be aware of these requirements.)


This forum is a good place to post ideas and seek feedback, so if you have something more specific in mind, post away.

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The purpose of this thread was to see if it is possible to make geodesy-earthcaches with the current guidelines, not so much that I had a site in mind.


I would assume that a tall point or a site with interesting topography would not be eligible for an earthcache with geodesy as a main focus, without something unique. I am wondering what something unique needs to be in this case. Cause I see only two alternatives which may be unique relating to geodesic: one being the previously mentioned south pole and similar places (of which there are just some really few examples of). The other one being geodesic benchmarks. The problem with them will be establishing which ones are unique, and also the fact that you can´t ask geodesy-related questions about the benchmark.


What I am trying to find out is if there are places on which you can make new geodesy-related ECs, but I am getting the feeling that it would be hard to find such a place today.

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