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Bug: second chance enter TB code fails

the Seagnoid

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On the web site, after logging a trackable, I am presented with a page that summerizes my log action, and at the bottom of the page there is a feild prompting me to enter another tracking ID to Visit Another Trackable. If I inadvertently enter an incorrect tracking number here, I get taken to a page entitled Trackable Item Details which has the error message "The travel bug you requested does not exist in the system". All good so far. There is another field on this page to reenter a tracking id, however even entering a correct tracking id in this page re-presents the same page - that the correct tracking ID I entered does not exist.


On a related note (and yes, I think this is due to the same fault), when entering a incorrect tracking id into the intial trackables page, https://www.geocaching.com/track/ I am presented with an error page advising no results were found for my search, with a number of search options. My incorrect tracking ID is preloaded in the "by keyword" field, however entering a correct tracking ID in this field takes me back to the same page.


Could these both be fixed please.

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Your first paragraph describes a "bug" that has been there for a long, long time. Given that TBs are where Groundspeak makes their money I am really surprised that it hasn't been fixed. When I enter an incorrect tracking number I just reflexively go back to the "Trackables" drop down and start over.

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I have experienced this bug also for a long time now. I usually worked around it by just changing the tb code in the url manually.


However I just wanted to retrieve a tb, and doubted between 0 en Q and got it wrong the first time. When I changed it to Q in the Url it didn't work as well now. 

Only after I went back to the main search for trackables screen and typed in the code with Q there I got to the right tb page. It seems this anoying bug somehow got even worse...

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