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  1. I had this problem in december, it was fixed again halfway december, and since 2 or 3 days the issue is back. please fix this again I'm using firefox 95.0.2 (64-bits) on a windows 10 machine
  2. thanks! that solved it!
  3. My profile says I have 149 souvenirs, while project-gc says I have 150. After comparing the 2 lists, I've found the one that is not visible on my profile here It is the 15 years of geocaching one. I got it at 3th of may 2015 according to project gc, but it doesn't show up at my profile here. Where has it gone?
  4. I know of at least 1 adventure that only has 1 location...so completion time will be 0 minutes
  5. Disappointing. Groundspeak actively chooses to make our hobby more cumbersome. Technology is in place and working fine, but apparently we can't have nice things :s
  6. A friend of mine was qualified for the olympics in Tokyo. Sadly the olympics were postponed. He went to Tokyo nevertheless, and on the day his event should have taken place he was outside of the stadium. No other competitors were there. He is currently sueing the international olympic commitee because they don't want to award him the gold medal for the event.
  7. Had the same here, but 3 hours after logging they all showed up.
  8. I hope so...but you said the same on sunday, so I'm not getting my hopes up too much : On the other hand...I got a first notification for a new cache as well just now...
  9. there are also reports from the Netherlands. I spoke 2 other cachers this morning who also didn't receive notification for the new caches that where published in our neighbourhood (This one and 24 others: GC8XQN6 )
  10. a series of 25 caches was published today all within my notification zone, but I didn't get any notifications. So it seems it is still not owrking
  11. multiple reports on a dutch facebook group about not receiving notifications either. During the last 4 days, 17 caches where published within my 30km zone for which I normally would receive notification. Only 1 actually I got send a notification of. newsletters, mails from caches on bookmarklists and watchlist en TB discoveries seems to all be send as they should be. Just the notifications seem to be broken.
  12. according to project-gc it is a D2/T4.5 cache probably will be corrected in a few days EDIT: I was able to add this cache to a virtual gps list on project gc and force an update .. now it is as D4 and D4.5 on project-gc...so probably as well in your stats
  13. I just collected all the "lot"-lists from the FB group until now. Definitely not random at all, so you guys were right. about 15% from all the codes start with "PC", 10% with "GS" 9 sets of 2 initial digits are more than 50% of the list in total. 1 in 3 of every code has a "C" as the second digit! positions 3-6 however seem to be evenly distributed. I also visited a (very) small sample of all the codes, and didn't see any tb's that were recently activated. Which suggests falsely activated coins/tb's isn't really a thing yet. At least not in the currently published lists... Since all the codes seems to be valid codes, there has to be someone(s?) that have been checking codes through a script. I can't imagine Groundspeak isn't able to see strange activity on some accounts in the (recent?) past. Don't know why I did this...just got a bit curious I guess
  14. Ok I have now figured out you can klick on the 3 bullet points in the top right corner and there you get the list of all the waypoints, just like you get on https://labs.geocaching.com/logs However here you can select every wp to read the text, which you can't on the website.
  15. I like to have my geocache db complete. For "normal" geocaches there are plenty of ways to get all the data, but for adventures it is a bit messy. Until today I created a gpx file manually with all the data I needed. Some of the data can be copied from: https://labs.geocaching.com/logs But you only get the main adventure text there, not the waypoint specific text. Until now I just manually copied those texts from the app letter by letter to my gpx file. For this you go to the app -> locations and then "view details" for each location. It is a really annoying way to do, but as far as I know there is no other way. Today however I did the project-gc adventure, and there the waypoints overlap in the app. I can't select "view details" for all the 5 wp's. Is there a better way to view the waypoint text?
  16. If it was created by a script would there be series of codes in those lists? Like aaaaaa, aaaaaf, aaaaam, aaaaaz, aaaabe for example. The current lists seem random, which would suggest to me that it collected data from real discoveries to me. However a lot of people say they are sure their coins have never been seen by others.
  17. I didn't see it mention yet, but the official geocaching FB account placed a reply to the latest batch of codes on "that" facebook page: Also, I have noticed a lot of the fake discover logs have been removed. I checked a few users from the list in this thread, and their tb discover count has gone done a lot (>1000). So it looks like Groundspeak is taking action.
  18. I have a list with caches in the Netherlands that require you to find one or multiple specific TB's: http://coord.info/BM31P9M In the description I have put all the TB's per cache. This used to be turned into clickable links before, now I only see the text of the link, but it is no longer clickable. Besides this issue, I really like the new list page. great work! (Would be even better if it was possible to create lists of TB's...now you can only use the watchlist for this, but you can't make any distinction in this.)
  19. The PQ just results a gpx file (zipped though).. Last week I could still import caches via PQ's (download the zip using the link in the emailnotification and then just import the downloaded zipped gpx file) Still is really anoying that the on the spot update or import of a cache is no longer possible. Still a great app, but the API support will be (and has already been) missed
  20. With the write note to found it conversiom oF my logs I'm almost back in track. All 3 souvenirs I have thus far are awarded on the correct days and the counter for the final level now says 3/35 while it should be 1/35 if I logged them all in the correct order. So just 2 caches that I need to log with the write note trick and everything is as it should be.
  21. ok...I'm stupid... Hope some of you get some amusement out of my weirdness. I only had the detective souvenir until this weekend, but I had a big caching trip planned on sunday. There is a new geoart thingy hear and I had some time in the last weeks to solve all the puzzles. Had a good day outside, found 89 caches (most I have ever found by far), and expected to have all challenges complete. Then I started logging...I only found a new clue on cache nummer 12 of the day. Since I log each cache individually, logging takes quite a lot of time. I started looking ahead and found out I would only complete the second stage of the challenge at cache 75 of the day. Hmm...that would take me a few hours and it was already late. Since I like to have the souvenir on the correct day as I have found the caches, this would be a problem. I thought I was being smart and made a few quick logs for the level 2 caches only, get the souvenir on the correct day, and remove those few logs again and continue logging at my slow pace to have them all in order again. Did this...and everything worked as planned... I thought... However, since I now had level 2 complete, I had unlocked level 3!!!! So all the caches I logged now gave me diamonds and saphirs and stuff, which I didn't deserve until the 75th cache of the day. So now if I would continue logging my logs I would get the level 3 souvenir in no time, while I wouldn't have had it if I done things in the order I would have found them. The next day I logged a few more caches, until I was at the point I would get the souvenir if I logged 1 more... Although I was still tired from my bike ride the day before, looked up where the missing level 3 things where, so I could go for another bikeride after work so I would at least could continue logging the caches from the day before. Ended up doing another 30km before getting home.... Then I found out that after completing level 3 there was another task...which messed things up even more. I first was affraid I have to do another big trip soon, but have a different solution now. I log the caches with a write note, and than change the log to a found it. It makes the logging even slower, but caches aren't counted for the challenge now, so I think this works. Still have to write a lot of logs though... All this, to get a stupid useless souvenir thingy on the correct day on my digital profile page..
  22. Shouldn't that link be where the "view larger map"-link now currently is than?
  23. I was looking at an archived event ( https://coord.info/GC7VEHV ) from last year and wanted to see where it was held on the big map, and see if there might be another geocache on or near the top of this mountain. I clicked the view on bigger map link ( https://www.geocaching.com/play/map?gc=GC7VEHV ) and than get an "we are sorry, this geocache couldn't be found"-message (my own translation from dutch, the actual english message might be a bit different, but similar in meaning) Is this intended behaviour (I really hope it is not...)
  24. Of course it is only a hobby and there are much worse things in the world. However when you pay money to a company that deliver the tools to be able to spent time on your hobby, you expect those tools to be available at the times you (and 95% of all other people with the same hobby) have the time to do this: during the (extended) weekend. We are the hobbyist, but the people at HQ aren't. They make money of us hobbyist. I'm even glad they do! I really hope they keep financially healthy so we can continue with our hobby. But in return we should be able to expect a stable environment. Of course you can have your offline database ready in advance so you are not affected as much, but as you have said, it is a hobby, and not everyone has such a "professional" offline geocaching setup as a lot of us forumusers probably have. As a hobbyist you shouldn't have to check in advance to see it could be a busy weekend (because of some souvenir thing or holiday somewhere in the world), to have a complete database ready. The official app is even focused on "on the fly" geocaching (although offline support has been added later on). Of course every system can have some issues sometimes, but if they are as predictable as they have been for the last few weekends (based on experiences during similar weekends in previous years), then HQ should have seen this coming as well. Every busy weekend has these same issues for a while now. I know it is difficult to troubleshoot an issues when it is not occurring at that time, but they are dealing with this very reactive instead of proactive (well at least it appears that way to me..I have no information on what's really going on in Seattle). And of course the issues get fixed every time, but are they really? Isn't some part of the fix the fact that rushhour on the website has just passed? On a side note...I'm glad they put out the latest announcement, but the contents doesn't take away my worries for coming busy periods. The underlying problem isn't solved yet (or even identified). I do hope however we get more announcements like this with updates when issues occur. Even when there is no real solution yet, I like to be informed about what's going on. Ok I spent way too much time writing this post. Hope I got my point across, althougt I'm not even sure I even have a real point to make
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