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2 Missouri Caches for adoption

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Unfortunately I have moved to the Gulf Coast and must relinquish control of my two remaining hides around the Rolla Missouri area.  I know there are some very active hiders and seekers around.  One of these caches was adopted from another individual and has been around since 2006 - It is in a rather unique location and fun to try and find.


Tiney Cave Cache


The other cache is at a simple rest stop and needs maintenance (new container and log...). The Cursed Rest Stop (Cursed, because the container used to disappear until I moved the location) has also been in place since 2006 and successfully found over 500 times.


Cursed Rest Stop Cache


Cheers all!

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Not to cast aspersions, but having moved seven times since we started geocaching, we've found that it is best to come up with a plan what to do with one's caches before one moves, not after.  But, better after than not at all.


These regional forums get some traffic, but not a lot.  If you want to target cachers in the area of those two caches, you might be better off posting in local geocaching groups' sites/facebook pages, or editing the cache description and/or posting notes to the cache asking if folks are interested in adopting.


Hope you get a taker.  Everybody likes a rest stop hide, and the cave one looks especially cool.

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