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Oregone and I are going to Boise this weekend. We only have $22 between the two of us, but we're pretty resourceful.


If anyone has any travelbugs that need to go east, let us know.


Also, if any of you Idahoians can recommend a few good caches, please do so. Also, can we sleep on your couch?


If there's gravity, then how you explain birds?!?

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That reminds me:

Can any Boise-area cacher tell me of one or two geocaches in their area that are 50-cal ammo boxes or larger? The C2C Logbook doesn't fit in 30-cal cases; it doesn't fit in many tupperware containers either.


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I think I'd reccomend Table Rock. It's one of the first, has a good view, isn't raided all that often.

Dedication point I like. Nice simple, not going to be found by non-geocachers, great view. (How often do you get to see a Bird of Prey from above?)


There are several in SE Ada County. No one is any better than the others, but if the Tanks are having live fire excercises it adds a cool element to the experience.


Blacks Creek. A mini canyon by a reservoir.


Alas, these are scattered all over the county. It wouldn't be efficient to just focus on those.


Have fun.

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i THINK it will fit in the 3-gallon bucket at "Pioneer Family Cache."

I'm looking at my dishwasher detergent bucket right now and trying to remember how big the C2C logbook is. It might work.


We're in Boise for two nights and we have the iBook, so if we can't find one Saturday, there's always Sunday or Monday.


Of course, i could just hide a new cache, but i hate doing that over 50 miles from my home.


I'm going to bring a 50cal box. As a last resort, i'll upgrade someone's container. Obviously, i'll ask permission first.


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1. i haven't seen a single convenience store yet (no 7-11, no plaid pantry, no circle K, etc)


2. cigarettes are cheap! ($24 a carton!)


3. i won a bet with oregone because there are 4 starbucks here. he claimed it was "a starbucks-free zone"


4. what the hell is a time zone? the simpsons were on at 6 according to my pst watch. and that's prime-time?


5. a record number of no-finds for caches. after five misses, i made oregone take me back to the best western.


6. there are exactly 4 bars. they all want a cover. but hey, beer's kinda cheap.


7. oregone told me there were rattlesnakes but that if i made a "ch-ch-ch" noise they'd leave me alone. it took me four caches to realize this was dumb and he was laughing at me the entire time as i walked down trails calling to snakes.


8. hot chicks everywhere (according to you-know-who)


9. pump my own gas???? but i'm a girl.


10. 'dancers' have to wear undies and uh,.... nipple covers. wierd. no wonder i only saw one strip joint.

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Originally posted by LaurenCat:


10. 'dancers' have to wear undies and uh,.... nipple covers. wierd. no wonder i only saw one strip joint.


Actually, they use liquid latex. Oh, the places i find long after laurencat has gone to sleep.


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uh oh, bellemanda, you've caught me in my web of lies! well, not lies but you know.... maybe i need to go down and visit california so that i'll be reminded why i haven't changed my plates yet. or maybe i need to go ahead and get my oregon residency. oh, i don't know! i'm a confused girl!


all i'm sure about is that i don't want to live in a state where girls can't dance naked and 7-11's don't exist.

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Not that I don't appreciate an attractive lady, but what the heck does a lack of naked dancing girl have to do with the quality of life? I could do a 7-11 virtual cache here for ya, but it wouldn't be approved. As for Circle K's you missed them by a year. They sold out to Jackson's about a year or more ago all over the state (I'm not positive about Northern Idaho). Must of been the lack of naked dancing girls that drove them out.


It seems to me being able to get one naked one on one, has much more to do with the quality of life than seeing one naked on stage. But hey, I could be wrong.

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