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[BUG]: Event widget - "view x more" includes too many caches

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The "View x more" label is misleading.  It seems to be based on how many Events there are beyond 3, even though all the events for the day are already listed in the widget.


Image below:

  • 1/1 - 20 miles: The widget lists 4 events and then "View 1 more". Sound like there are a total of 5 caches, but the search results page only shows the listed 4 events when I click on "View 1 more". It seems to be saying there is "1 more" because 4-3 = 1.
  • 12/31 - 50 miles: The widget lists 7 events and then "View 4 more" - which seems to imply there are 4 more caches beyond the listed 7. But the search results show only 7 caches. It seems to be saying there are "4 more" because 7-3 = 4.



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