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General Oregon field guide?

Mr. Snazz

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I'm looking for a general, backpack-carriable field guide for oregon. Something that goes over the major types of trees, large/medium/small animals, maybe edible plants, etc.


I've found plenty of region-specific books, and books that just deal with plants, books that just deal with animals, etc. but what I'm looking for is something with a general overview of the major stuff.


Anybody have recommendations?



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I do not know a specific book. But at one time COCC bookstore carried a wide variety of books for thier forestry program. When I worked for the forest service many of my co-workers who were in that program carried something that sounds like what you are looking for. Might be worth the trip to stop in at the bookstore if you are in that part of town.



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I don't know of any one-size-fits-all book. Oregon is so diverse with the coast, coast range, Willamette Valley, Siskiyous, Cascades, high desert (basin & range, Columbia Plateau), etc. Two books come to mind for the Cascades:


A Field Guide to the Cascades and Olympics - Stephen Whitney

Cascade-Olympic Natural History - Daniel Mathews


Also check out the Nature of the Northwest at www.naturenw.org They have a store near LLoyd Center. Check out Powell's Bookstore.


Good luck and good caching!

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