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Isonzo Karst

[BUG] Event search distance change loses location

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Windows Pro, Firefox 61.0.1  TamperMonkey scripts off or on  (edited to add OS and browser)


On the search page,  I use the quick search for Events, and routinely modify that search from the default 30 miles to 60 miles.

Today,  modifying the distance causes the loss of location; returns a list of 4,184 events, all worldwide.    This a recurring bug.

Images below of search parameters and of the first events in output

event search BROKEN.jpg

event search 60 miles from home.jpg

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I can replicate this.


When I run the Events shortcut and then change the filter's distance, the following in the URL changes from (my home coordinates fudged for privacy):




The rest of the URL before and after these parts stays the same, with the exception of the changed distance in the "&radius=" parameter. I'm not sure what the "ot=4" parameter represents, but it's clearly dropping the part where it does a radius search from my home location.

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I can confirm this bug.



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