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How to find the right category

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I know a few spots to fill the bicycle tire with air for free.  
It is not a Bike repair station, because there are no tools to repair the bike.


It seems convenient to me to know that there are bicycle pumps in a city where you can get free air.

Funny is that it is also a kind of artwork.

How to choose the right category?

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3 hours ago, Viervoeter said:

Still i think that for people who ride the bike its handy to know there is a bicycle pump nearby.
They bring mostly own tools to repair a tire also a little pump. To use a strong big free pump is handy.


To put it in an art catgory is not the right way is my opinion.

Yes, that would be handy. You would like to have a reference for those places and think when everyone contributes, then we will be able to find them when we are in a new area. Waymarking is not a good platform for plans like this. None of these plans have ever worked, it is a game, no one cares about the creation of a complete look-up database for cyclists. The community is mainly interested in history and culture. Every one would post the first random find to get the icon and then forget about that category. Because we all know that, such a category would not pass peer review.

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54 minutes ago, bluesnote said:

I have found similar ones like this that should fit the existing bike repair station categories but their managers are very strict as to what to accept. I feel they should be accepting all types of repair stations, no matter what they offer.

 I did not even try to put it at that category. Also because I saw that there is nowhere a bicycle pump without tools mentioned in that category.

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