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Caches near electric-vehicle charging stations?

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We now have one vehicle that plugs in, though it's not fully electric.  I suggested we take it out for a drive today and find a cache wherever we end up (it's really hot and muggy and I don't want to do a long anything).  Hubby asked if we could go find a cache near a charging station.  I don't know of any and that isn't an attribute yet AFAIK.  Googled - and found one on the other end of the country, in Washington state.  If you know of any, especially in the greater DC Metro area and particularly NoVA down to Richmond, please share that info here.  Thanks!

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Hi - just saw this now.  No, haven't looked into much of anything via Waymarking; still trying to figure out how that works.  Hubby has the electric car and I'm the only one caching, so it would kind of need to be driven the other way most of the time.  But I'll check it out, so thanks :)

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There are not many waymarked EVCS in that area, so if you find any besides the few that are waymarked, you can add them yourself! 

On either of those 2 geocaches, click on "nearest waymarks". One of the first results will be an EVCS. Click on that waymark, then on "nearest EVCS" and you can see where they all are. Easy! 

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