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Pocket Queries: Allow event sub types please.


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At the moment Event Cache
includes: Geocaching Block Party, Groundspeak Lost and Found Celebration, Giga-Event Cache, Lost and Found Event Cache, Cache In Trash Out Event, Mega-Event Cache

It would be really handy if  this could be subdivided into sub types or at  least three groups:
Cache In Trash Out Event
All other event types

I'd like to run a weekly PQ for Mega and Giga events so I can see when new ones appear.
Notifications aren't suitable for this because the search radius is only about 50 miles whereas a single PQ can search the whole world.

Relying on the Groundspeak  Mega Event  bookmark list isn't ideal because not all Mega events get added to it.


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35 minutes ago, Delta68 said:

I never use that search page but it seems like it might suffice as a workaround.

Thanks :)

Yes, specifically when you use it sorted by Event Date (descending).

Just add


in front of '#Content'

You'll now have the most current events on top of the list. ;-)

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