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Release Notes (Geocaching® app) - June 14, 2018

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The news is short and sweet. With this release, you now get a notification every time you earn a new souvenir. Tap it to view the full souvenir, or simply dismiss it and keep on caching on.


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Ben (Ben H) from HQ’s Product Team is watching the thread to answer questions whenever possible.


Any posts in this thread should relate to features in this release. Unrelated comments may be removed. Please direct unrelated comments to other appropriate threads. Thanks! 

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How do I stop the app/website from sorting my lists by most recent edited list on top?



I'm going caching next Saturday for which I have a list and it's complete I don't need to change it anymore.

Last weekend a cacher mentiod some cool caches to visit during a trip to a mega event next year so I add them to the list for the drive to the mega next year.

Yesterday a cacher mentioned something for my trip to the GIFF mega in Cologne so I added it to my list for that day

This continues... I create lists as far ahead as 2020 at the moment and edit those when I mention my planned visits/ideas and someone mentions a cool cache to visit


I name all my lists using the following format so they are in sequence when sorted by name (year when it's not for the current year):







But both website and app keep sorting by last edited list on top.

On the website I can at least sort the lists myself (but I'd rather not have to)

But in the app this is impossible


Please add a setting for the default list sort behavior or remember the sort order used in the account

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