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Sending co-ords to GPS

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I own a Garmin Oregon 450 GPS and cannot seem to send co-ordinates to my GPS via geocaching.com. I have downloaded all of the necessary plug-ins and instalments and my computer (MacBook Pro) is fully updated however, nothing seems to be working. Has anyone had this happen to them or have any advice? 


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The old and potentially unsafe Garmin Communicator is depreciated by most browsers.

You can use:

  • Pocket Queries;
  • Add geocaches to a list and send the list to your Oregon (Garmin Express must be installed);
  • The GPX file button and save the GPX to the /Garmin/GPX/ folder in your Oregon;
  • Third party software.
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Jess?, you didn't saty if you were trying to use the old Garmin Communicator, or if you were using the newer "Send to Garmin" feature. The old one is kaput.

I was having problems loading caches to my Map64s while using the "Send to Garmin" feature. I called Garmin, and after running some tests we determined that one of the caches on my list probably had a bad GPX file. Other lists had loaded fine. 

After hanging up the phone, I managed to find the bad file. If I add it to the list, the file won't download. When I remove the particular cache, the list downloads to my Map64s just like it should. Just make sure your Garmin Express is up to date. Version is the one.

The bad file belongs to GC7FRNV, which is an Earthcache. 

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