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Delorme TOPO North America.


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So Garmin bought Delorme. 

But will not give support for Delorme products.

Heh! That's life. But Microsoft updates may cause issues.

A recent Windows 10 update trashed mine. Something about an incompatible dll or droken dll.

Microsoft broke it with the update. But easy fix. Just put your installation disk into your computer. When prompted choose the repair option.

Mine is all fixed now. Good luck.

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2 hours ago, Mn-treker said:

I would say expand your thoughts.

I just couldn't really make sense of your post.  I'm on active duty, so most thought expanding products are off limits to me.  :anibad:

After reading it over several times, it sounds like Delorme TOPO wasn't working properly following a Windows 10 update, but you reinstalled the program and now it's working again.  If so, then good news.

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There has always been a problem with getting help with Garmin to assist with Delorme file transfers - one would not talk about the other so you get caught in the middle. 

I hope that gets better now. What I want to see is Corrections in Delorme being permanent. They had the river names correct in 8 and 10 is wrong a lot or missing! I would like to trace better especially state borders and rivers. I like Delorme but not happy with all the errors!


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Both, my Delorme topo and street atlas USA, stopped working the other day. Would click to start either program and get a window stating something to the effect that it was ready to do an install. Neither would go very far before stopping dead in its tracks. Finally found an old 2007 street atlas disc and installed it. It worked fine so i figured i would try the others again. Sure enough, it evidently installed the common file(s) needed for my newer versions to work.

Thing is, i'm running good ole Vista which hasn't been updated in quite some time. :unsure:

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