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New Pocket Query Generator

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Whole-heartedly Agree.   More filter options should include optional Latitude and Longitude limitations (None, Only lower limit, Only upper limit, Lower and upper limit)    This can square off 1-4 edges of the "circle" and potentially make it a square.     This could actually lesson the burden on the geocaching,com servers as people could run fewer pocket queries to cover an area. That is because they would not have to waste returning duplicate caches within overlapping circles.   I have not thought through what happens for people on the zero (or 90?/180) longitude or longitude lines.  That may need an OR option for the limits?      A similar enhancement would be a distance range.     Instead just <= a particular distance, add >= a particular distance (subject to overall individual PQ cache count limitations), or at least add a between X and Y distances.   That way you could create Rings around earlier PQs in order to fully cover a desired area (again without having to have wasted/inefficient overlapping circles).       

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I'd be happy if the PQ's were just updated to include all of the information returned by the API - e.g. corrected coordinates, with an indicator, original coordinates, favorite points....  It would reduce the demand on the Groundspeak servers, since users would not have to update caches with the API to get missing information after loading PQ's.  Enhanced PQ generation search criteria would be the icing on the cake, but first we need the cake (complete cache information in the PQ's).

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That is now 13 THIRTEEN years since Ground speak was first informed that the GPX generator does not include additional information that is available in the API, (leading to their users having to place additional burden on GS Servers in order to get this missing, required data) and no representative of Ground speak has had the decency to respond to this ongoing issue in all those years.

What is the point of these forums if your customers are not listened to and acknowledged?

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