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Ian&Sue - Team Pathfinder

Icaching & Oregon600

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I am now using icaching on my new Mac.  Please can someone help me with exporting geocaches to my Oregon 600?  I have downloaded all caches placed them into a folder and set up the export to GPS. BUT.....   after executing and waiting he caches don't show on the GPS.   I have reset my GPS as originally I used GSAK and thought perhaps starting afresh might be the answer, it didn't seem to be.

your assistance would be greatly appreciated.



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Did you download caches as .gpx files?  If so, then I'm not sure that you need to use another program to load those caches onto your GPSr.  Can't you just attach your GPSr to your computer and then copy the .gpx files from your computer to the GPSr's Garmin\GPX folder?

Using another program (GSAK, iCaching, etc) is not necessary to load caches onto your Oregon 600.


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