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[BUG]: Exclamation marks don't appear when logging TB actions

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Not sure if this is intended behavior or not.

Went to my trackable inventory and selected "Log -> Drop" for a TB in my inventory. This took me to the map view, with the TB name/drop button overlay.  In that map view, caches that have the exclamation mark icons on the regular 'find a cache' map do not show the exclamation marks.  The caches show the Trad/Multi/Solved/etc icons, but not the exclamation marks.

Having the exclamation marks appear on the "TB map" would be helpful in getting back to the cache where I dropped the TB.  In most cases, a cache that I dropped a TB into would also have a Draft log. If I wanted to expedite my logging of the TB through the app, then I could look for just the caches with exclamation marks.

--- Android v7.0  / App v5.6.4


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Thanks for the report. I'm able to reproduce the problem and I've added a bug to our backlog to fix it.

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