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Caches won't populate on map

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I'm running version 5.6.1 of the app on Android 7.0

The map won't refresh caches as I move to a new area at all. The caches that are showing were populated a day or two ago. (picture #1)

You can see that the empty area of the map is missing lots of caches. Yes, there are probably at least 500 in that area.

Today, the only way I have any caches on the map at all is because I entered them one by one. And this map hasn't updated my smilies either. (picture #2)

I've restarted the phone, shut down the phone completely. Restarted the App. Cleared the application cache.

I've been using the app on this phone for over a year.

In the past couple of weeks the app has become incredibly slow and unresponsive.


PS -- I did have a lot of "offline" bookmark lists -- and still sort of do. Been clearing those out but hasn't helped.

2017-07-24 18.54.19.png

2017-07-24 18.56.34.png

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I'm not having this issue right now, but I have had this issue in the past with previous app versions.  I'd suggest uninstalling and re-installing the app to see if that helps with the refresh issue.  It doesn't address why the app is behaving poorly for you now, but it does seem to help resolve the problem for a while.


However, doing an uninstall/re-install will mean that your offline lists go away and you'd have to re-download them after the re-install.

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Thanks noncentric for your reply.

I did a complete un-install / re-install this morning and the refresh issue went away.

I would say that there is a problem with having too many "offline" lists or too much "data" offline.

I still don't get why the 100 bookmark lists. At least 50 of mine are "challenge lists".

We will see how long this "fix" lasts.

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