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  1. Thanks Max and 99, I've never had any luck with using those methods for contact. ie. send message and get zero response. I suppose that there is a first time. Will try that way next time.
  2. Thank you for the information about the bug reporting -- that is really convoluted and very difficult to find - but now we know. BTW - searching for 'bug' on the help forum, instructs one to use this 'Community Forum' to report a bug. The technical limit of 250 is certainly arbitrary as every other Android geocaching app is able to show me all my 293 drafts. This is definitely not a technical limitation of Android. The fact that I can have bookmark lists with 1000 different caches listed and I can view them all happily in the Android app as a list and on the map indicates the Android apps can handle arrays bigger than 250. Why it hasn't the 250 issue been resolved yet? Probably not on the radar. The majority of long time cachers don't use the HQ app. I happen to like using it as for the most part it's very efficient and easy to use - but others have moved to either sanctioned or unsanctioned apps because they are frustrated with the HQ app due to simple issues such as this one. Hope that this gets resolved now that I've identified the technical issue that stops a user from being able to edit drafts from the app.
  3. Thank you for your response. I did report it. Back in May -- at least here. I've actually never been unable to find a direct line to a *real CS* venue where I would get a ticket number. Otherwise I would use that. For the Version Info: Version 8.59.0 Android 11 samsung SM-G973U (Galaxy S10) I've deleted the app and re-downloaded multiple times (and again just now). Same effect. It probably has to do with the APP's arbitrary limit of only being able to hold 250 drafts - whereas Cachly, the iOS version, Geooh Go and the website have no such arbitrary limit. In my most recent adventure (of which some are pictured). Some caches on the bookmark list - do have the ability to hold the draft and edit, while others done later in the trip do not. I did start the trip with less than 250 drafts, but now I have 293 on the website and 293 on the iOS app. Why so many drafts? Many road trips with many challenges and wanting to write decent log entries. And if one was doing the ET highway one would have over 2000 drafts - so 250 really is a very arbitrary limit which can't have been written into the specs of the app. So unless those around HQ have tested this limit -- of which I've mentioned before (see May 3rd) -- this is probably why no one can reproduce it. I provide screen shots of the # of drafts in the iOS app and the # of drafts in the Android app. Please fix and I would love to know the webpage to provide a real CS ticket -- or perhaps a 'Submit a Bug Report' on this 'More Page'?
  4. How long do we have to wait for "drafts" to be fixed on the Android app? It's been reported multiple times. They have been broken since the App update which made the Android App *look* like the iOS version of the App. Enough is Enough. Prior to the iOS-ing of the App -- drafts could be written, drafts would display on the map as '!', drafts could be opened and edited on the Android App. Life was good. Enter the iOS-ing release of the Android app. Drafts can be written. Drafts only momentarily display as '!', then they revert to original icon. Drafts can't be edited - when opened again, the draft is empty, causing me to re-enter my draft notes -- only to have them disappear again. This multiple draft entries then shows up on the web site as multiple drafts for the same cache. Not cool. I can go to the same set of caches in the iOS app on my iPAD and they show up correctly on the map *AND* I can edit the draft note from the iOS app -- but they are not there in the Android app. I can go to the website and the same set of caches will show up as drafts on the map *AND* I can edit the MULTIPLE draft notes. Almost SIX months to fix a BASIC function of the Android app? Seriously? I've attached the screen shots of what a single sample of caches look like on the Android app, the iOS app and on the website. Stop with the 'small' visual tweaks and FIX the everyday REAL bugs.
  5. Thanks for letting me know. There is a major bug that was on the top of my list that I reported May 3rd and the bug still exists. I will post again shortly, with screen shots and more specifics.
  6. Hmm. I would guess that no one is actually monitoring this forum and actually providing actions on bugs? Is there a place that we are supposed to submit bugs?
  7. Ahhhhh!!!! The only way that I could ever see it was from the webpage launched description -- it just took me 10 minutes to find where you got that box. Thanks for pointing this out. My bad! I stand corrected! Yippee!!!! Although the pop-up placement of it -- away from the wording of the puzzle means that I need to work on paper or 2 screens. Nonetheless -- it is there.
  8. This weekend I did some extensive caching using the app. Since the major update I've noticed some *really* annoying things (at least to me). 1) Distance does not update on map page - cache info box. On the front map page, when you click on any cache it puts a lovely box at the bottom of the screen showing the GC, favorites, cache name, distance, D/T and size. This is all fantastic information. Prior to the major update, the 'distance' would update constantly as you moved closer to the cache. I rely on this heavily when driving to a new cache target. I can quickly check, see my blue dot moving and know that I'm 10 miles, or 500 ft away. This is highly useful when doing a power trail! With the new update (the one that changed the user interface) -- this distance no longer updates. It stays at 10 miles, even if you are 10 feet away. ARGH!!!! 2) Draft Log Icons disappear Caches with 'draft logs' have traditionally been shown with the '!' (exclamation mark). Which makes it easy to look at a bookmark list of an area and see which caches one still hasn't logged. This has been broken since the last update. It will show the "!" for a short period but when you move to the next cache it disappears on the app. This has led me to writing multiples of draft logs over and over and over again. Additionally -- I go back into the cache to log a draft again (or to update the information) -- and the draft text is not available -- making me think that I forgot to make a draft. This is *REALLY* very annoying especially when you are on power trails or doing multiple days of caching off bookmark lists. This past weekend I easily visited more than 100 caches -- but you would never know from the visual in the App. 3) Inability to add Adventure Labs starting points to bookmark lists Is that a BUG or a feature??? If it's a feature, it really shouldn't be. You've added AL icons to maps and I can search for them, but if I'm planning a trip and want to be sure I remember to look for the adventure lab when I drive through the area -- I can't because they are not on my bookmark list and hence their locations aren't available offline. This to me is a key feature that is absolutely required. 4) Solution Checker Not available UGH. I solved 25 geoart puzzles on my phone and didn't know about solution checker that was on the web page. All because there is NO indication in the cache description on the app that it exists. This should be a slam dunk NO BRAINER to integrate into the App Description page. This is just wrong on SO many levels. 5) Drafts on phone are limited to 250??? Are they? Or Aren't they? This seems to be a rather arbitrary limit. 6) Inability to filter by number of favorite points This has got to be a bug and definitely not a feature. I could swear that at one point I could set this filter. This would be the top used filter if it worked. 7) Bookmark lists limited to 100???? Arbitrary limit -- not related to anything slightly computer related like 128 or 256. That's the big list for now. Looking forward to updates soon.
  9. Actually the HQ solution checker is *not* built into Geooh Go. Geooh Go exposes the HQ solution checker because it launches the website page in an application frame.
  10. Please reread my original posting.
  11. Yes, I read it. However, GS is already presenting me with maps that show 2 different locations.
  12. In short. I don't care about your puzzle. I'm not going to solve it. There are 10's of 1000's of cachers like me that will never solve your puzzle, so please stop talking about it. Those same 10's of 1000's of geocachers probably are also not aware of China's issue with GPS offsets. My issue with with not being given the tools by the technology we have available in the Geocaching App. A simple pop-up in the APP telling me that I'm in China and I should use the Open Source map would have saved us hours of agony. So I implore you. Just please stop pointing me at the puzzle or other references.
  13. And how is one just supposed to find this random puzzle cache in China before I actually go there? We have the technology to fix this bug without hoping that everyone that goes to China finds this one random puzzle cache to solve before they get there. Yes, I get that it's supposed to help. But it's only useful if one tripped over the issue *before* one was actually physically standing in China proper as opposed to a few miles away in Hong Kong or Macau. Fixing the actual issue within the application and the website would be a much better solution.
  14. Sorry. This just isn't a useful response for anyone just popping over the border and expecting the system to work. Open source maps get it right. Google apparently does not. The Geocaching App should either do the conversion or issue a warning that one should switch to the open source maps. Pointing me to a random puzzle cache is not useful when I'm standing in Shenzhen.
  15. Recently (2 weeks ago) I crossed over from Hong Kong into China. We were searching for a cache using the stock standard app (Android version). We hunted and hunted and hunted for a particular cache and my distance to cache was always 550m away - but the streets and the buildings were correct. No luck. Waze and Google were giving the same location. I did a bit of research and found the China apparently has it's own idea about the GPS system. Found a map at a bus stop and matched the hint on the cache to an item on the map -- 3 or 4 blocks away. So we walked there. Now I'm getting the right distances - but my map is telling me I'm somewhere different. All very confusing. To make this long story a bit shorted -- we finally did actually find the cache! Yay! Us. When we got home -- I looked at the maps on the website -- the google street gives the cache in the wrong place and the open source gives it correctly. Same in the app -- swapping between trails and the default map yields the same massive offset. Try it with any cache -- you can see that the cache is displayed in a different location in the two mapping systems. UGH! That was a very long day!
  16. While I haven't played around with the new lists very much, I do appreciate the fact that the whole system is being worked on. My #1 pet peeve about lists is why are we arbitrarily limited to having only 100 lists? I can imagine that some people are going -- why would you ever need that many lists? Well old challenges needed bookmark lists, geo-arts work better in bookmark lists, cache machines, solved puzzles, travel caches, challenge trails, geotrails, trips from point A to point B, caches needed for Fizzy or Jasmer. Offline caches for treks and travel. One easily comes up with 100 lists -- I regularly am hitting that total. Yes, one can now merge lists - but the last time I tried it actually didn't get *all* the caches. It always missed 1 (Classic off by one error somewhere in the code). #2 - I understand that all these features and displays are being first developed for the phone screen. So the lots of white space is being used. However, the usage of different formatting for different displays is really needed. If I'm on a high resolution screen with lots of space, I really want to be able to see more than 3 caches. This might be being addressed - so thank you if it is.
  17. The Groundspeak time/date is in UTC or basically GMT. So depending on which app was used to log the cache you could end up on a different date. Here in PST anything logged after 5 pm (depending on the time of the year) via the APP used to (and I believe still does) show being logged the next day.
  18. There are bugs in the presentation of the "map" this bookmark list. I have a simple bookmark list -- it contains only 11 caches. I use the "map" option on the bookmark list page. The new "map" lists only 10 of the 11 maps. (I do this multiple times with the same results). I then try to figure out *which* cache is missing. *BUG #1* - when your bookmark lists are mapped -- you *cannot* change the sort order in the cache listing on the left. It's grayed out. If I refresh the *search* on this map -- I can then *sort* my listed caches *BUG #2* - Unless I missed it -- I can't sort a list alphabetically (or reverse alphabetically) -- this makes it difficult to *compare* lists or to quickly locate a cache in a list when you know what the number is -- or quickly find the caches that all start with X or Q or Z *BUG #3* - Back to my 10 out of 11 of my caches in my bookmark list being displayed. I found that the missing cache was one that I had a *draft* log for. These caches should be showing up with their "!" mark on the map. Why is this important? #1 -- After a trip, I want to be sure that I logged or drafted *all* the caches on that list. #2 - Since there is still a silly limitation of only 100 bookmark lists -- I often need to "merge" bookmark lists. If I'm only getting 10/11 in this simple case then I don't know how many caches I've already lost due to not all the caches being mapped so that they can be added to another list. Hope there are enough details here for you to provide quick fixes.
  19. Where's the Trails Map? The same one that is used in the APP?
  20. Performance problems seem to be browser and OS independent ... The SEARCH map runs at close to 40% on MAC OS using Safari. So bad behavior all around.
  21. That list format is available from a location -- yes on the front search page ... However, you used to be able to see BOOKMARK lists in this format -- if you clicked on a PUBLIC bookmark list it would show in the nice multicolumn output format -- now if you try and list a bookmark in that format it REDIRECTS you to the NEW map format instead. NOT what I want. I want to be able to use the real estate of the DESKTOP web interface and have it be formatted in such a useful way for a DESKTOP. It's EASY .css to change the display for a Desktop over a display for a tiny screen of a phone. This new map stuff makes it *really* hard to plan out a days worth of caching without giving me carpal tunnel for all the extra clicks that I need to do in order to display basic types of data.
  22. With this new "SEARCH" --- you've broken the nice "LIST" format of caches. I want to see a LIST of caches. Not Mapped. Just the LIST. With Sortable columns ... just like the LIST we see if we search from our HOME location. One used to be able to LOOK at LISTS of BOOKMARKS -- (IE. YESTERDAY) and be able to copy these caches to my own lists. Now -- since TODAY -- this is no longer possible. This URL used to work beautifully -- and now it is BROKEN. https://www.geocaching.com/play/search?ot=4&bm=BM4C477&f=2&sort=GeocacheName&asc=True This was HOW we MERGED bookmarks -- (since you arbitrarily limit us to only have 100!) -- and now this has broken. I want the option to LOOK at lists -- nice WIDE lists -- not side lists formatted for Mobile display. Not a happy camper with this change and I'm pretty sure I'm not alone.
  23. On unknown/puzzle caches the coordinates on the cache are rarely the final coordinates. Only when you put in the corrected or solved coordinates will the icon change from a question mark to a puzzle piece. There appears to be no way to enter corrected coordinates with the latest version of the Android app. Previous versions one could put in the corrected or solved coordinates and the icon would change to a puzzle piece and move to the corrected/solved coordinates location.
  24. Seems to be missing in new version of app? We used to hit start on a puzzle and it would ask us if we wanted to go to posted coordinates or entered solved coordinates. Entering the solved would give the lovely solved puzzle icon and would move the icon to those coordinates. This no longer appears to be the case. I have to go to the website now to enter the corrected coordinates so that the icon moves and becomes a puzzle piece. This seems like a giant step backwards! What am I missing?
  25. Yikes! I tried it. It doesn't live up to expectations quite yet. How do I go back to the old map???????
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