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Duplicate tracking information?


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I'm wondering if it is possible to have two geocoins with the same tracking information. I have a "Love" geocoin that is in my physical possession and somehow geocachers in France are discovering it. It appears that the coin was somehow at an event in France. Since I have not been there since 1984 I don't think it is possible that they are discovering my coin. Can anyone shed light on this??? Thanks

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It may be popular in some circles but it's not legit. You wouldn't log a cache find to a cache you'd never been to so why log a discovery to a coin you've never seen? Fortunately as coin owner you have the mechanism and right to delete these virtual logs should you choose to. Just because it's popular doesn't make it right.

On the other hand if you did attend an event and brought your coin there you'd be hard pressed to know who logged a discovery that hadn't actually seen it. But if your coin is in your hand and no one else has seen it in a while you can be pretty sure it's a cheater looking to gain another icon without leaving the comfort of their computer. You see... all they have to is come up with the right tracking number, any random number generator will do, to log into it. It's called virtual logging and used to be heavily frowned on but it's unclear whether Groundspeak will actually freeze the travel page of any traveler that's getting logged virtually.

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It's actually been logged/discovered by 9 people at the same event. I just checked the inventory of the Mega Event in France and there was a "Love" Geocoin there but it looks nothing like mine. The TB number is completely different as well. I don't know what the tracking number is on the other coin. Very odd.

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Did you ever post a photo of your coin? If I'm looking at the right one in your owned TBs, it looks like you haven't taken it anywhere at all (no mileage) and don't have a photo showing. But if you ever did post a photo and it showed the tracking number, it's possible it got on a list. But if not, then... *shrug*


Feel free to delete the discovered logs, but those who discovered it will be notified of the deletion and *might* ask you about it.

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Yes two coins could have the same tracking number. I've come across about 4 of them since I've been collecting. The mint makes a mistake and both coins get sold and no one knows until they both try to get activated. TB# will be different for each coin though. If you use the actual tracking number does your coin come up or the other coin? Contact the other owner to see if the tracking numbers match.

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