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eTrex 20 Waypoints

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No. Waypoints are stored in a hidden internal database with fixed limits. One way to get past this is to store waypoints as custom POIs. They have no limits, but work a bit differently.


Note that Geocaches are not waypoints and their limits are different.

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Geocaches are counted separately from waypoints, and the limits vary. The limits on the eTrex 20 is 5000 geocaches.


Waypoints are any single points marked and saved in a GPX file. (compared to tracks and routes, which connect many points to form a path). Waypoints differ from Points of Interest (POI) in that waypoints are editable directly on the device, whereas POI are fixed once loaded. Searchable points that come with maps are POIs, for example.

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So if I use the gsak macro to save my finds as POI's I can save more than 2000 of them?


Yes. Using that method, you can have 5000 unfound as geocaches and all your found at custom POIs.



eTrex 20/30 and 20x/30x


2,000 GPX files

2,000 waypoints

5,000 geocaches

200 routes, 250 points per route

200 saved tracks

2,000 archive tracks

10,000 points per track

100 custom map tiles

250 BirdsEye Imagery files

Approximately 3,000 mapping segments*

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