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Trying a new sig. Please ignore...



* thisweknow2.jpg *

* My mind not only wanders... *

* Sometimes it leaves completely... *

* *

* **Namaste** *


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Agreeing with Wander Lost...

It's a great little saying... just kind of a big pic...


And.. I also wanted to say... Despite all the fun conversation going on in the other thread, I just wanted to take this time to say that I really like Geocaching icon_biggrin.gif







N 45? 30.ish

W 122? 58.ish

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I've had to suffer through worse. On a scale of one to ten on the annoying-wait scale, i give it a forty-eight: it's slow but you can still dance to it.

By the way, bazzle, did you know that your twin-brother runs the best karaoke i've ever witnessed in pacific county, washington? From South Bend to Pe Ell, he has the most extensive library of karaoke-able songs i've ever seen.


all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed

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I felt pretty much the same when I actually tested it. I too have broadband and did not even notice the load. But once I saw the size and tested on an old dialing device I had laying in the dust icon_wink.gif, I saw the wisdom of no (or MUCH smaller) image.


Shame tho, I really like that one...


And is that OTHER thread still going??? Caching sure is a blast for me... icon_cool.gif


My mind not only wanders...

Sometimes it leaves completely...



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i like geocaching as well. i don't get to go that often anymore, except when oregone and i drive somewhere and he makes me do ten in a row with wet shoes. but i like geocaching anyhow.


hey sassquatch, what ever happened to that spike? let's have a tuesday thang so we can all cash (cache?) in our bazzle coins! icon_wink.gificon_wink.gif


I chose LaurenCat because LaurenKittenPoniesFlowersPinkSunshineFairyMeowMeowRainbowHeartLoveBunnyKissKiss was just too F-ing long.

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Would be cheaper for me Lauren. I am a girl scout troop leader and we meet on tuesday night. So I am unable to attend, therefore I would not actually be able to redeem your nickels icon_razz.gif


At least until school is out...


My mind not only wanders...

Sometimes it leaves completely...



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