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  1. Our kids are hooked! Had to buy our oldest (11) his own GPS so he would leave mine alone. He even goes caching on outings with other people while they are doing something else. His 5th grade class had to do a demo on something, so he chose geocaching. We his a cache on school grounds and loaded it with the usual pens and log book as well as a treat for the whole class (jolly ranchers) our 5 year old daughter informs us that "you are not supposed to put food or candy in caches" I think she is hooked as well, even has her own bag of cache goodies. Our 22mo gets pretty excited about chewing the the GPSr. Seems to enjoy the outdoors as well.
  2. I had this happen when I placed my Shutter bug#1 in the TB graveyard in Kansas. Putting it in that cache was it's first move and it logged over 7K on that one jump. Last time I checked, Spokane to Kansas was not 7K, probably more like 1500. I dunno, kinda wierd. On the plus side, I was able to get the SB#1 back on the road!
  3. Neither of those dates will work for me (vacation) but I am most interested in the Eastern Washington event(thats where I live) can anyone offer any details on that? date? place?
  4. Then we could sell tickets or something or make a "cache-aid" type deal.
  5. Our first "took" item was the Travelling Beetle TB from the now thrice defunct cliff park cache in Spokane. I do not remember what we left.
  6. I am thinking it could be an event cache. We all show up with our "hardware." Hmmm..... I'll keep you all posted.
  7. How about a cache near a local gun range. Different types of weapons in it. Bring one to trade. Try out a new one beofre you leave. You could call it "A Cache of weapons" Could you see the dust cloud from all the people trying to be FTF?
  8. Issue resolved. Thanks. My TB is back on the trail
  9. I will also throw in 2 pounds of freshly roasted coffee from my shop for whomever is responsible for getting me my bug back.
  10. I posted an earlier thread regarding a TB that is in the hands of a GoneExploranne. If anyone in the Spokane, WA area knows this user, can you please contact them and ask them to release my shutter bug #1 that they have? They have had it now for about 4months and they are the first ones to grab it. I have moved it to the TB graveyard but would like to see it come back to life. I have met many of you in the Spokane area as this is my home too. So please, if anyone knows this user, could you help me out?
  11. I have not had any go MIA, but I do have one in the hands of a cacher who refuses to respond to my emails. If anyone has any info on my ShUtTeR bUg #1, I would appreciate it.
  12. Here are the pics. they were forwarded to my by beefcider. I guess I will have some to distribute on the east side of the state as well.
  13. I know this is a pretty sensitive subject, but my TB is lost and the cacher who has it will not respond to me emails. I just wanted to be sure that this person was not ill or something before I send any more emails. If anyone knows GoneExploreanne personally, could you grab my TB from her and make sure she is OK. She has had my TB (shutter bug #1) for over 3 months with promises to place it back in FEB. Please do not send her any email about giving me the bug back. I am only looking for people that know her and might be able to get my bug back. Thanks. [This message was edited by JaVaJeSuS on March 28, 2003 at 03:45 PM.]
  14. JaVaJeSuS


    splurb - test
  15. I would not say that just night caches are ignored over here. Beefcider and I placed 2 caches out in Seabeck and they have had very little traffic. They are not listed as night caches, but one http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=51200 "music to die for" would be very cool at night as it is set in a cemetary. [This message was edited by JaVaJeSuS on March 26, 2003 at 10:42 PM.]
  16. quote:I'm going to provide return postage so that when the camera is full all they need to do is drop it in a mail box and I'll get it back. I have 4 shutterbugs in circulation. I included $5 with each one, two of them had their postage "removed" shortly after being released. I used a disposable camera, bug tag, instruction sheet and a log book. everything is connected together with the bug chain or zip ties and put in a ziplock bag. I have not gotten any back yet, but it has not been that long (3 months) [This message was edited by JaVaJeSuS on March 13, 2003 at 04:01 PM.]
  17. Thanks to moun10bike and all that responded to my question. I have learned much about geocaching history. When I head to the Oregon coast this summer, I will stop and find "un-original" in tribute.
  18. The title says it all, does anyone know where the first geocache was placed and if it is still active? -JaVaJeSuS
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