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Attn: Race Fans


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It's been way too long -- we need to vent some frustrations on the race track. The next race is 2/19 at 7:30pm at HotTrack. Save that payday cash and Remember that Wednesday is half price for "Ladies"!


If you haven't seen fractal's helmet/goggle psychedelic combo -- if you haven't been shunted off the track by The Tungsten Jihad! kart of doom -- if you just c a n ' t get enough petrol fumes in your daily commute -- you must bring ~$30 to HotTrack!


I'll see if I can find a nearby watering hole that's open later than 10pm. Any suggestions oregone?

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And this timing is bad for me. I have to work until 7:15, so I would be late. I will make the attempt. Plus I now have a defense mechanism againsed T.J. I'll shoot rockets (bottle) at him if he tries to crush me into the wall again. icon_razz.gif


What do you call 2,000 pounds of Chinese Soup? Won Ton.

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I'm definitely coming if the jihad comes. I have finally figured out the proper retro-fitting on my kart to literally blow him off the track. I don't want to let the secret out here on the forums, but i know his Achilles' heel.


As for post-race entertainment, i vote for the Alibi on N Interstate down in Portland. Lauren says that bringing geocachers to the Alibi would be 'cute.'


all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed

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The 26th would be better, can't make it on the 19th. Haven't been to the place yet but I remember passing by it when we did Hammerhead and thought that would be a lot of fun. Too bad TJ can't make it, I may have the bulk to hold my own in the corners against him and have been known to use a few NASCAR moves during my racing days icon_cool.gif.


We might make up classes for the likes of TJ and myself who are of a more, how shall I say it, manly proportions, versus the ummm less gravitionally challenged ones icon_razz.gif.


In case of power failure stand close, I glow in the dark.

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anyone but. As noble your effort may be, I think I may be the only ansewer to the, blast T.J.off the track with bulk effort, for I am a recognized beheamoth. I noticed it one day while at the lower lodge in the mens bathroom and I asked everyone why they didn't tell me I looked like Grizzly Adams or at least one of his prey. Alas wednesday is no good for me. I do see a pattern here. SCARED?

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Just a reminder -- we race this Wednesday. We'll do it at 8pm and will try to come up with someplace that stays open later for afterwards.


Our next race will be on a Sunday to accomodate folks who can't race on a weeknight. Sound cool? Day or night? I prefer night or afternoon . . .

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I have been absent from the geocaching community way to long. I remember when I was a young buck in this sport and had big ideas in my head to catch Oregone and Explosis and become the state leader.


I think I lost that idea when I did my 22 or 23 in salem in one day and came hobbling home with blisters.


Sign me up...will be there at 8.



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Yes, that WAS fun! This time we didn't have the place to ourselves, but that made for an interesting sideshow while we cooled off between races. All except for Scuff (or whatever his name was) who spanked us all. What's up with that?! The next race will be on a Sunday, and from on- and off-line feedback, I think it'll be late in the day. Give us all a chance to get some caches in and then race to our doom! Bwahahahahaaaa!


Oh, and I never got around to asking fractal -- where did you get that shirt? I think you should post a picture . . .

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Good times.. Good times.. icon_biggrin.gif


Felt good to race again..even though I know I'm gunna hurt.. heh



Oh, and I never got around to asking fractal -- where did you get that shirt? I think you should post a picture . . .


Yeah.. I kinda like that shirt. Got it from some guy who wanted to rent some space on the Moonrize server icon_wink.gif I think everyone will get to see it pretty soon...





N 45? 30.ish

W 122? 58.ish

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It was unfair! I had to carry 100 pounds extra weitht so of course I was just a wee bit slower than the rest, sort of a rolling chicane for everyone else icon_razz.gif. A good time was had by all and the next time everyone should show up for the good times. And come ready to race, theses guys are quick icon_cool.gif.


I've gone to look for myself, if I should return before I get back, please keep me here.

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On our way home from the dog park this morning we noticed sign for SyKart here in Tigard. Seems there's a new indoor kart place coming to town. Nothing more than a sign is there yet, but if the information on their website is correct, they're cheaper ($10 vs. $14/lap w/ membership), larger (1/4 mile vs. 1/5 mile), longer (10 min vs. 8 min laps), and CLOSER (Tigard vs. Vancouver) than HotTrack.


We haven't been able to make it to one of the HotTrack get togethers, so it may very well be COOLER, but we thought it might be a fun alternative that's closer to home for most of us west siders. Worth checking out once it's up and running? icon_smile.gif


Jason of JOYSON


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