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Finding all Marker Types

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Hi. First post under Benchmarking, but I've done a fair amount of reading and searching and haven't seen this addressed.


I was wondering if anyone is, like me, trying to complete a personal goal of finding benchmarks for each "Marker Type" category.


I'd never seen this mentioned, so I had to do my own searching for a reference, and I found a source at http://www.ngs.noaa.gov/FGCS/BlueBook/pdf/Annex_I.pdf which lists around a hundred different types (tower, stack, microwave mast, pipe cap, etc.).


I've personally found 30 different types so far, and combing these forums seems to be helpful for hearing about benchmarks with marker types on my "want" list. Or maybe I just need to learn how to search the NGS database for the more obscure types ("dolphin"? "rock awash"?).

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Thanks for the link. I'd never see such a list and had wondered.


Dolphin? interesting. There are many dolphin statues on Florida's west coast and likely on other parts of the U.S. coast. I assume that's the reference?



I found a "gravity plug" marker type (now destroyed). Wondered about the marker name at the time. It was an antenna, now decommissioned and removed. What about it was "gravity plug" I dunno.



There are find X number of marker challenges. I own one in FL, there's at least one in Colorado https://coord.info/GC4V2V1


(If you ever get a chance to visit Washington D.C., be sure to check out the benchmark listings. Some interesting marker types within the range of normal tourist walking.)

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That Colorado challenge is in fact what got me interested in this quest; I qualified for it last June.

I haven't been to Florida yet, but I'll check yours out when I do.


I'd been vaguely aware that "dolphin" had a non-animal meaning, but finally looked it up:

"3. Nautical.

a pile, cluster of piles, or buoy to which a vessel may be moored in open water.

a cluster of piles used as a fender, as at the entrance to a dock.

a pudding fender at the nose of a tugboat or on the side of a vessel."


Thanks for the mention of DC's benchmarks. I haven't been there yet, either (32 states so far), but I see at least a half-dozen new marker types for me!

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Cosmic Coincidence! Got into your profile and see that your last N 3 'bolt' is one of my recoveries and one of my favorite subsets. Took me a while back in the beginning to figure out what a 'bolt' was.


In reference to your comment below, this designation is common in the early 'Precise Level Net' loops from the early 1900's. 3 would be the third string using A thru Z in the state of Wyoming. India and Oscar may not have been used. I believe that most, if not all, state made it up to triple digit strings. The link below will take you to one of several threads here that refers to 'Special Publication #18 which includes level strings in many states.


Happy Hunting, kayakbird


"Lastly, I'm used to many benchmarks having their "designation" (i.e., name and/or number) right on them; I wonder where the "N 3" comes from, and if it was ever in or on this benchmark; it sure can't be seen now,. But at any rate, there's no mistaking this benchmark, given the 1962 description."




1828 Montana Time 6 Feb 2017 edit:


Just downloaded Sp Pub #18 into this new laptop using the above link. Subject 'bolt' is found on page 172 [166 in index].


"N3.-At Rock Springs, Sweetwater County, Wyo., in the stone wall of the City Hnll, 6 inches from the pillar at the

north side of west entrance, 4 feet above the surface of tl1e ground. (Note 56.*).


0 3.-At Rock Springs, Sweetwater County, Wyo., in the stone wall of the high school building, on the north side,

40 feet west of the northeast corner, and 6 feet west of the north entrance; 6 feet above the surface of the ground, and

16 inches above and to the left of the first window west of the north entrance. (Note 56.*)"


I did no look for O 3 - maybe a chance for a NONPID. kayakbird

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