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What happened to my computer pages


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While on my computer at Geocaching.com/my/default page the display changed from a full width of the screen display to a foreshortened width with much smaller font size. I don't find any setting that would cause that.


If I open these pages under Play, Trackable, Geo Tour, Pocket Query, and Field notes, the same display is presented. If I open these pages under Play, Hide a geocache, View map, Trackable promotions, they display in normal manor on the computer screen.

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Are you using a Greasemonkey script (GC little helper)?


Have you tried CTRL-0 to have default font size?


Control O while on Geocaching .com opens My Pictures on my computer.


As for Greasemonkey I have had done nothing to my knowledge when this happened. It just happened while i was on the Geocaching site.

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