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... send multiple caches to my gps?

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Easiest way is using EasyGPS. Free software.

Do a pocket query for the caches you want. You'll get them all at the same time. Transfer that file to EasyGPS. Connect your GPS to your computer and have EasyGPS send all the caches to your GPS.

There are other programs available that do the same thing. EasyGPS is free and simple to use.

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Not sure if this is possible, but can I send multiple geocaches co-ordinates to my Garmin Oregon 650 in one go instead of having to do each one separately? Thank you

Yes. With Pocket Queries, you can generate a list of up to 1000 caches at a time. Typically, you get 2 files, one of caches, the other of parking waypoints, which you may load into the GPSr. For a Garmin, save the GPX files into the /Garmin/GPX folder.


Generate a simple Pocket Query by selecting a location and radius, and running it. Or if you choose each cache individually, load them into a Bookmark List, and make a PQ of that.

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I like GSAK because you can filter out caches that may have a lot of dnfs, or pick and chose which ones you want or don't want to do.


Not only that but having an offline database you can, without much effort, scroll through caches and "tag" (user flag, user data or note) caches you want to do in different circumstances. I tag wit "todo" "not" "bike" walk" and other keywords for easy selection.

I have about 500 permanently tagged caches (mostly solved mysteries) and make extra selections per cacheday exporting them in one go after refreshing them all the evening before going out.

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