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Urwigo Wherigo Player Emulator doesn't display Tasks


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I am working on building my first Wherigo using Urwigo.

I created one task (both .Active and .Display are set to "true"). I pressed F5 to start the emulator.


PROBLEM: Emulator doesn't display "Tasks(1)".

If I start the same cartige on my phone, "Tasks(1)" is displayed.


Is there a bug in "Urwigo Wherigo Player Emulator" or did I forgot to do something?

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Does the menu in the emulator show 0 tasks or does the tasks bar not not show up at all?


If the answer is the tasks bar does not display at all than the problem is related to screen resolution in windows. In the display menu make sure items are set to display at 100% and not any thing higher than this. Otherwise the task menu will disappear.

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