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Lyme Disease testing kit now available in Canada


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I've already encountered ticks this year while caching (in mid-April in the St. Catharines area), but fortunately haven't been bitten. I still worry about Lyme disease though!


I just saw this article on the Weather Network about Over-the-counter Lyme Disease testing kits now available in Canada, and thought I'd pass it along.




You need to capture the tick and put it in a solution for the test. No details about prices, and they're not regulated yet by the government. But they might help worriers like me!

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After two full bouts, and a couple recurrent simply from attachment, I'd doubt that a "home test kit" is reliable enough to bet your health, and quality of life on.

The first two times, Doctors didn't test accurately, flu-like symptoms occurred, and the arthritis is here forever.


If a tick attaches and breaks skin, head to the hospital or your family doctor (take the tick with you) , and get a mega dose of whatever antibiotic they're claiming to be effective at that time JUST IN CASE.

Any fear of becoming resistant to antibiotics is silly, compared to the effects otherwise.

Or, you could simply get sick as heck for two weeks to over a year (my last bout), and take celebrex, meloxicam, mobic, etc, for the rest of your life...


I've never had the rash or "bullseye" warning sign.

I get anywhere near mice, their nests, or just droppings (cleaning outdoor equipment, boats N stuff) and I choke/gasp for air now too.

Ticks don't die in the Winter, they're simply dormant. If the Sun is warm enough to melt the top of snow or thaw ice, ticks are once again ready to have you for lunch.

Cache safe. :)

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I've been picking bugs off of me for the last three days while I've been caching in the woods. I'm fortunate that they haven't tried to feed off of me when I find them, but you should still make sure you look all over yourself after doing any bushwacking. I'm glad I wear a hat when I go caching, but should wear long sleeves more...

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