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New Cachers Need Assistance

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<<Cross-posted in iPhone App>>

I own three EarthCaches. With the new app that is free, there are many new users "trying things out," so to speak. However, with this volume of new cachers, they have no idea how to search for an EarthCache, at least, and probably other cache types where answers need to be submitted. Is there any way the types of caches that need answers messaged or e-mailed can have some kind of pop-up that links to Groundspeak's help link on how to find that cache type? I have been inundated with requests for help, logs showing the Found It icon but with the message saying they couldn't find the container or don't do it unless you like [insert topic of EarthCache]. I do have the disclaimer that they need to e-mail me, which is active, or message me on all three EarthCaches. I am going to link to Groundspeak's help section on EarthCaches, but I'd appreciate some help from Groudspeak, as this problem did not exist prior to the free app. All my EarthCaches are open to all members, and I would like to keep it that way, but help for the COs is needed.

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