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Iphone6 V GPS

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Hello everyone,


So im very new to this with 9 finds and about 10 DNF's.

Is it worth me forking £200 for a GPS and is it really that much better than a Iphone?


SO lets say YES a GPS is really much superior to Iphone what would you suggest for that type of budget?


Many questions asked here and I just dont know where to start.


Any advice is hugely appreciated

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A dedicated GPS isn't "better" in the sense that it's more accurate or make you a more successful cache hunter. These days phones are pretty much as accurate as a dedicated GPS, both will get you to within about 10 feet - which is as good as you can expect with consumer technology.


GPSs do have other advantages (I prefer to use a GPS) such as battery life, robustness. But I would say hold onto your money for the time being until you're absolutely sure you're going to stick with it.


If you do decide to buy a GPS then more money doesn't mean better accuracy, it just means more bells & whistles. So you have to decide what features you want from a GPS, is it really worth the extra £££ to get one which has a built in camera?, and go for it. So it's a bit difficult to advise which GPS you should buy without knowing what features you want/need. The only think I would say is definitely get one with colour mapping, which everything in the £200 bracket will have.

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