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How can I delete search entries?

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To me it sounds like the setting on your phone, some form of predictive text. When you enter things in a form it gives you what you entered in the past. For example if you do a lot of online shopping, and it comes up with your adress, or when entering an email, your email comes up, or in this case GC codes.


I'll bet if you play around somewhere in your settings (maybe keyboard settings) you can fix it. I've moved to Android and can't remember how anymore.

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To me it sounds like the setting on your phone, some form of predictive text.

Nope, I just looked at it myself, and the app itself keeps a history of your previous searches in a list below the search field:




I tried things like a long-press or swiping to either side, but it doesn't seem like there's currently a way to remove entries from the history. Entries have what looks like a clock icon beside them, but I'm not sure what that's supposed to indicate or whether tapping that is supposed to do something.

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I assume that the clock icon represents a recent search. It is also my assumption that this list doesn't erase and builds up and then when 7 or so fill the screen the "oldest" one will drop off or they drop off after a certain time (like a day or something). This feature is also on the Location Search.

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