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AZ State Trust Lands Openning


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I saw something about this pop up on LinkedIn, of all places. I can't find the same link now, but this page seems to have extensive info about it. In the video interview, she says it is effective immediately. There's still a requirement to have a recreation pass to access the land.



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They ARE Open now!!! Here's the link. You as a user have to register Yourself(or family) for either $15 or $20. Basically, they want more money.


IF I had moved to Arizona 1 YEAR earlier, I would show the complete list of archived caches due to this bureaucratic nonsense, but alas, I didn't. Had I known this was coming, I'd Definately had the PQs done in that timeframe...


The Steaks

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Ok. It's a Work-Around, BUT Here's HOW to find out where those Archived State Trust Land caches were.

  1. Open (http://gis.azland.gov/webapps/parcel/?loc=-112.3713,34.6255,12&layers=3,2,0) and go to the area you wish to look at
  2. Open the Geocaching.com Maps page to look at ACTIVE caches in that area
  3. Open a couple caches in that area that were active in April 2014(Older the better)
  4. Note TWO if the cachers that Found the caches prior to April 2014, And have more than a few hundred finds.
  5. Open (http://project-gc.com/Tools/MapCompare) and input the Following:

    1. ProfileName of 1st cacher
    2. Compare with (Second cacher)
    3. Show (One Found)
    4. Show(Archived)

[*]Once the results come up, start comparing the State trust land map with the map of archived caches(Ones with X over them). Once you've got the zoom set right, you should be able to make quick work of your local area.


I'm taking care of the Prescott and Chino Valley area along with a few other cachers in the area as well. YEAH!


**Of course, this is to ONLY be used as a reference of the Possible areas that you MAY be able to place a replacement cache.


The Steaks

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HERE is some code to place on all Caches you place ON the State lands..

<!--==Begin AZ STATE TRUST=--></p>
<table align="center" bgcolor="#0033CC" border="0" cellpadding="5" cellspacing="5" width="100%" style="border-spacing:5px;">
<td style="padding:5px;"><img class="InsideTable" src="https://azgeo.az.gov/azgeo/sites/default/files/styles/large/public/ASLDseal-transwhiteBG-4power.png" border="0" height="95%" width="95%" /></td>
<td style="padding:5px;"><font size="3" color="#FFFFFF">This Geocache is located on Arizona Trust Land. A Recreation Permit is required to attempt this cache. For more information, go to <a href="https://land.az.gov/natural-resources/recreational-permits"><b>AZ State Land Department</b></a> for details!</font></td>
<td style="padding:5px;"><font color="#FFFFFF"><a href="https://land.az.gov/sites/default/files/Recreation%20Permit%201.25.16.pdf">Individual Permits</a> - 1 Year for $15.00<br />
<a href="https://land.az.gov/sites/default/files/Recreation%20Permit%201.25.16.pdf">Family Permits</a>* - 1 Year for $20.00<br />
*Valid for only 2 Adults and children Under 18</font></td>
<!--==end AZ State Trust=-->


For an example, Goto GC5PYXV

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