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  1. Yoda: Check in with GeoGerms, as he MAY be willing to do a check then assist you in getting it published... The Steaks
  2. HERE is some code to place on all Caches you place ON the State lands.. <!--==Begin AZ STATE TRUST=--></p> <table align="center" bgcolor="#0033CC" border="0" cellpadding="5" cellspacing="5" width="100%" style="border-spacing:5px;"> <tr> <td style="padding:5px;"><img class="InsideTable" src="https://azgeo.az.gov/azgeo/sites/default/files/styles/large/public/ASLDseal-transwhiteBG-4power.png" border="0" height="95%" width="95%" /></td> <td style="padding:5px;"><font size="3" color="#FFFFFF">This Geocache is located on Arizona Trust Land. A Recreation Permit is required to attempt this cache. For more information, go to <a href="https://land.az.gov/natural-resources/recreational-permits"><b>AZ State Land Department</b></a> for details!</font></td> <td style="padding:5px;"><font color="#FFFFFF"><a href="https://land.az.gov/sites/default/files/Recreation%20Permit%201.25.16.pdf">Individual Permits</a> - 1 Year for $15.00<br /> <a href="https://land.az.gov/sites/default/files/Recreation%20Permit%201.25.16.pdf">Family Permits</a>* - 1 Year for $20.00<br /> *Valid for only 2 Adults and children Under 18</font></td> </tr> </table> <!--==end AZ State Trust=--> For an example, Goto GC5PYXV
  3. Ok. It's a Work-Around, BUT Here's HOW to find out where those Archived State Trust Land caches were. Open (http://gis.azland.gov/webapps/parcel/?loc=-112.3713,34.6255,12&layers=3,2,0) and go to the area you wish to look at Open the Geocaching.com Maps page to look at ACTIVE caches in that area Open a couple caches in that area that were active in April 2014(Older the better) Note TWO if the cachers that Found the caches prior to April 2014, And have more than a few hundred finds. Open (http://project-gc.com/Tools/MapCompare) and input the Following: ProfileName of 1st cacher Compare with (Second cacher) Show (One Found) Show(Archived) [*]Once the results come up, start comparing the State trust land map with the map of archived caches(Ones with X over them). Once you've got the zoom set right, you should be able to make quick work of your local area. I'm taking care of the Prescott and Chino Valley area along with a few other cachers in the area as well. YEAH! **Of course, this is to ONLY be used as a reference of the Possible areas that you MAY be able to place a replacement cache. The Steaks
  4. They ARE Open now!!! Here's the link. You as a user have to register Yourself(or family) for either $15 or $20. Basically, they want more money. IF I had moved to Arizona 1 YEAR earlier, I would show the complete list of archived caches due to this bureaucratic nonsense, but alas, I didn't. Had I known this was coming, I'd Definately had the PQs done in that timeframe... The Steaks
  5. Yeah... Another YEAR goes by with me being the only finder of the page... 2312 Active Caches as of this last week. Still the same PQ Format I listed last year. Life is still going, and we WILL be back to get the rest of the islands done, and Heck, I SHOULD be able to do Heli Tours at some point... That'll be nice!! The Steaks
  6. Red90: Thank-you Very Much. WOW! I was about to re-load my entire setup and all the maps again. I've learned something! Why would Garmin have this feature within MapSource? I do not see a point to it(Besides annoying me...) Trev
  7. Image Example Hopefully that image works.
  8. Here's the DL. I'm using MapSource and having a MAJOR Issue with actually seeing the roads/Topo Lines/ANYthing! MapSoucre Version: 6.15.7 Maps: CNNANT 2010.3 Topo US NA North Central Topo US NA North East Topo US NA South Central Topo US NA South East Topo US NA South West Topo US NA West At ANY Zoom level, there is a freaking yellow "overzoom" below the distance bar at the bottom Right Corner. I just checked Basecamp(in which I HATE), and it works good for the maps, BUT my custom icons don't show up at all. Is there any fix to either of these issues?
  9. Yes. I keep one of sorts. I have the Track-logs of almost every cache find since some time in 2008. I keep the "Tracks" file updated with tracklogs and do a multi-backup to three systems every few months. For the last couple years, I've also added the cache finds to that same file(to include the stages of multis and puzzles). This has come in handy a few times. Such as I haven't logged caches from when we moved yet... but still have the data. I'll be logging caches tomorrow(Hopefully *New son makes the plans each day.) The Steaks
  10. The reasoning for the 50 mile limit is that this feature is more intended for the FTF Hunters to get notification of newly posted caches in their area. While events on the other hand are posted at least 2 weeks before the event, there is other means of notification in ample time prior to the event. They include the Weekly Groundspeak mailer, Pocket Queries set up to show events, and even Searching on the website for events either by date, OR near you.... The Steaks P.S. I agree that 50 miles is a small area for many of us, but it is adequite for MUCH of the caching community for FTF alerts. Would you drive 2 HOURS(100 Miles) for a FTF in many areas? In my area 100 miles isn't that far for a FTF(Wyoming), but in other areas I've lived a FTF had to be within 5 MILES of where I was at for me to even think of getting it!
  11. Wow...Over a YEAR since ANYONE has posted anything in the Hawaii Thread. I guess everyone has been out caching their islands! I felt like an Update to the PQ Dates would be good! Hawaii All Caches PQs: 01/01/2000 to 11/11/2011 gives you 999 11/11/2011 to 01/19/2014 gives you 999 01/20/2014 to 12/31/2015 gives you 302 Hawaii has 2300 caches Published as of right now. The 2000th Active cache was GC4NEER. What will the 3,000th Active cache be? The Steaks
  12. Yes. This is a Valid FTF. My wife and I cache under differen names, and when I place a cache she is sometimes with me. Of course, she don't go after mine cause she don't drive. When She places a cache, I'm there with her, and I never go after her caches. The ONLY Exception to this was one that she placed at her parents house while I was at work once. It was Published, I waited 24 hours and then went after it. Basically, If you know its there Before its published, then No FTF... After it's published, then Fair game.
  13. 1) Plain Text E-mails would be a LOT Better! 2) Bring BACK the Single Page Cache Submission Process.
  14. So long as you've found the cache, you can Add a Fav point by clicking the Counter at the top of the page. it'll drop down a menu to Add a Fav point...
  15. Not to say wrong, BUT I see an error... http://coord.info/GC57TCA 03-08-2001 Captain Nemo's Lookout aka Captain Pomin Rock Was Published on 7/22/14. The GC Code shows a Creation date of 6/27/14. That cache should NOT be on the list as oldest unfound.....
  16. Then the Owner would be able to reset the count by Posting a Owner Mx. Something as simple as "It is still there", AND the Reviewer in his Archival Review would be able to see that it is a 5star cache and that the cachers are newbs as well. With Munzees, 2 Did not find, or Mx logs Automatically Disables the cache.
  17. Good! If anything on the Top of Search results, or the map, a Note should be there... "In this area, there are ALSO XXX Premium Member Caches as well." That way Non PMs woudl get to know there ARE PMO Caches, but NOT where they are. Within the Current system, the First time a non PM should know Closeness is IF their Placed cache is Close to a PMO. In other words, " You can't place your cache there, It's too close to a Premium Member cache."
  18. WAP was OK... I used it a few times... Who remembers Textmarks. That was AWESOME! HERE is the Wayback link. IIRC, this Replaced WAP in those Data Deadzones...
  19. If there's a specific problem it may be that someone has contacted the reviewer privately to let them know about it, rather than post an NA log that might draw the wrath of the self-appointed cache police. Reviewers are NOT Self-appointed. They are Recommended by the community to uphold the Standards set forth By the community. If a cache recieves more than 2 DNFs in a row, then the 3rd Should be a Mx Request. If the Same cache recieves 2 more, then the cache Shold be Disabled... If it is Disabled with NO intervention/ note by the CO, then a Archive request should be sent... Another Month goes by and the Reviewer Archives the cache to prevent the cache from being attempted. In other words: DNF, DNF, MX, DNF, DNF, DISABLED, ARCHIVED. Do realize that a FIND, or Owner Mx would Reset the cycle. The ONLY Exception is IF the CO is no longer Active, AND the cache is Older than 6 years. IF that is the case, then the reviewer should try to contact a cacher that is Local to there that HAS found the cache, and ask IF they would like to Adopt this Older cache, and post a note on the page to see IF someone wants to adopt...
  20. So does that include Virtuals, Locationless, And the Classic Cache Submission Page?? Just asking...
  21. Use MapSource. It's by Garmin. This works Great(Assuming that you own a Garmin). Mark the Points on your map, Send to GPS, then Go and check it out! If you have a Maggie, then use the Maggie software... If you have the Delorme, then use the DeLorme software... IF none of the above, Get a Garmin and go with #1...
  22. Check out on the app store for C:Geo. It wotks GREAT!
  23. Well, Yes. Groundspeak DID get something right with the new page, BUT it should have gone into an App instead of the Webpage. As I understand it, Groundspeak said that they would change the page for Beginners, BUT Still have the Classic page for those of us that preferred it. App - when the app Opens up, it would do a check(like WAZE, C:geo, Google Maps, and Munzee does) to make sure the GPS is on. IF it's not on, then it either turns it on, or gives you a clear error stating the GPS is not on. Also, when you hit the button for "Mark Coords" it would tell you the Accuracy. IF the Accuracy was more than 30', Then it would give you an error stating that Accurate Coordinates could not be attained. Once a point was successfully marked, then it will give a message of would you like to Fine tune the coordinates. This Fine tuning would ONLY allow you to change the last 3 numbers. This COULD be useful IF you carry another GPS with you. Then you would be able to compare the GPS coords with the Phone Coords. Once this is done, then you would be able to put in the rest of the info. As for people putting out "crappy caches" or Little to no description, This is the job of the Reviewers to weed out the no descriptions, and the Community to put Mx logs on caches that need Maintenance. Remember that we All can create Great caches, and we All Started somewhere in this activity.
  24. I'm not sure this is Possible, BUT with the current cache submission Page process Drastically changed I now have this request. Someone to make a Cache Submission Page that would be All in one page. It can be Indentical to the Old cache submission page, but doesn't have to be. A Single Cache submission page that interfaces with the website would be Great. If someone is already in Dev phase, toss me the link and I'd LOVE to be a tester. Another thought at the same time, would be integrating some sort of Geocache Submission App, so that (IN Theory) you could be out on the trail, Place the cache, then with your smartphone(Android) you open the app and it steps you thru the cache Submission process. The First question would be Type of cache(Traditional/Multi/Puzzle/Earth/LBH). IF it was a Multi, then it would ask if you are at the FINAL Location, then you would be able to add Stages as you placed them. The App would get coordinates from the Onboard GPS, though you would be able to fine tune the coordinates After they're marked. As for the Data Transmission, the ONLY time that data would actually be sent to the server is a Proximity check after each Coordinate is put in(And OKed by user), and then at the end to actually Submit the cache. The Steaks
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