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Windows 10 gps solution

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Since I see quite a few post with others having issues with Windows 10, I thought I would just post this in a separate post for all to see that are having the same issue. We recently purchased a new computer that has Windows 10. The communicator plug-in detected our gps but it would not load the geocaches to it. This is the solution I came up with and it worked. Hope it works for everyone else.


Open IE



Click on SECURITY tab


Click on SITES button

Add https://www.geocaching.com to trusted sites

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Oracle threw still another Java upgrade at my computer today. After the process was finished, Oracle explained that only Internet Explorer (not Edge) and Firefox were the only major browsers that still supported Java and/or Plugins.

Java is unrelated to this.

Java is unrelated to JavaScript.


You should uninstall Java unless you have a specific application (unlikely) that actually needs it, and for sure disable it within your browser. (That's what the internet security mavens say.)


Oh, kill off Flash too. Java and Flash, the untrustworthy brothers with keys to your house...

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