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Updating Scavenger Hunts

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Hello all.


I'm curious as to what can be done to update scavenger hunts where some of the waymarks either no longer exist, have been updayed, or plain been archived. I'm working on a couple that require 100 waymarks, and am close to finishing. However, a couple waymarks I need to finish have been archived.


any help would be appreciated.



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I thought that scavenger hunts were designed to include only those waymarks that you have yet to visit.


The Scavenger Hunt created by someone else has no way of knowing who has and hasn't visited previously. I have had to "revisit" several WMs in order to get the credit (though no additional visit is recorded on stats).

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I have the same problem. The only 3 remaining unvisited waymarks on one of my hunts have been archived. How do I complete the hunt, or do I claim a moral victory?

Apparently, archived caches are removed from the "completed Hunt" requirement. I had found 99 of 100 Las Vegas Strip caches (the 100th was archived), yet I am still considered as "complete".

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