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  1. Just checked the Unassigned Cat again today.. filled up with ads and spam again.
  2. I should have beena bit more specific. The MoH Cat declined it because the marker must be with the recipient's remains. In this case, the marker is in Canada (where he is from), the remains I believe are in Andersonville NMC in Georgia. Specific Veteran Memorials - must not be of a grave stone (body present or not) same with commemmorations. Might try Signs of History? Thanks for the input.
  3. Disregard. Just followed the Submission prompts. The listing is now in that file after a LOT of spam entries.
  4. How can we get rid of these? Lots of crap blocking the legitimate Unassigned Waymarks.
  5. I have a waymark I'm attempting to have listed somewhere (anywhere) for a Canadian Medal of Honor recipient's memorial marker. I've been declined by at least three categories. Waymark Code: WM14AR9. How do I post to the Unassigned Category? Cheers, Jiggs11
  6. Bad Gateway on Google Chrome.... 502 Bad Gateway nginx/1.10.3 (Ubuntu)
  7. Just curious... do the folks who put together these "improvements" actually even geocache? Not impressed to find my closest (archived) find from 10 years ago listed as #1.... Another example of trying to fix something that wasn't broken? Thought April Fools was three weeks ago. Give your heads a collective shake.
  8. Will don't I feel stupid *laffin* Thanks for the shout-out/point-out. Jiggs
  9. Solving a few word puzzles to pass the time. Came across one (GC4DQVJ) that has me convert words to DR values (ok). But then wants me to use RAS and RDR values. What may these abbreviations stand for?
  10. My apologies..... I just tried Chrome yet again and both functions appear to be working fine....yet when I tried on Chrome on a different machine this afternoon after freshly installing Chrome on it, the same problems manifested themselves... maybe it has to to do with browser versions...? Just a thought...
  11. I'm using Chrome... have for many years. Everything was fine until this so-called latest, greatest update... AND this is not the only issue. What about scrolling through found cache logs??
  12. What, if anything, is being done about this particular issue?
  13. Have tried three different browsers - Edge, Explorer and Chrome. Can pull up my cache log, but when I try to scroll to page 2, 3 etc it always returns me to page 1. I tried selecting by type first, ie; trad, Multi, etc with same result. Thoughts? Or is this another unintended bug in the new roll-out?
  14. Still no joy. Think the folks who fix this sort of thing would be a little quicker on the uptake.
  15. Thanks Gents. I noticed that the file size of my first transfer was only about 50kb.. vs the original 1.5 Meg. Tried a transfer through my email, and 1.5 Meg appeared. Still had to refresh the page to see the actual downloads on my machine.. never did see the "download complete" screen.. Cheers
  16. I'm trying to upload photos to a few new waymarks I'm working on. Photos are standard jpg format, downloaded from a cell phone onto my pc. Every time I try the upload the screen either blanks, or cycles through to the "upload photo" page. Anyone else experiencing things like this? Tried Edge and IE.. posted a zillion before this without probs...
  17. Still unable to do a search using place name. Search engine sends me to latest waymarks....
  18. Have had this problem for a couple of weeks now...enter the place name and get a list of the latest waymarks published. Have had success using GPS coords from the area, but I agree, something is really wrong here.
  19. The Delete and resubmit worked. Thanks folks
  20. My daughter, trail name Tiny Bubbles 23, logged an attended for the DLA2018 Mega event on 18 August, yet never received the Mega or international GC Day souvenirs. How does she go about getting them now?
  21. Thanks. I did some more investigation - the caches are from a friend of mine's account. How they ended up on my dashboard is beyond me. Will send a follow-up to GS... Cheers, Jiggs11
  22. 21 April until 28 May. And no, I only have one GPS. Bought it new 3 and a half years ago.
  23. No. Some of these comments are vulgarities, Others are on caches I've never even looked at. Still others are tantamount to gibberish. I realize I can just delete the whole lot of them. I would still like to know how they ended up on my dashboard in the first place. As well, I do not use a smartphone. The oly GPS I've used in the last three years is a Garmin etrex 20.
  24. I noticed a feature on my home page called "Draft Notes". IApparently, I have 368 or so of them. Problem is....they're not mine! So how did they get there?
  25. Did anyone get a response from Ground speak?
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