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Can you move more hn one trakable at a time?

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Though you can move as many trackables as you'd like, it's often best to only grab what you can realistically/responsibly handle. :)
Also, if the trackables have tags that indicate their goals, then I avoid taking trackables that I won't be helping towards their goals.
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You MAY move as many as you like, however its best to consider what the trackable owner wanted.


If you have internet access whilst out at the cache you could check the trackables page by entering the code on the trackable at https://www.geocaching.com/track/ this will allow you to see if the trackable has any specific instructions. eg: wants to visit locations up high or by the sea or whatever.


If you don't think you can move the trackable then instead of taking it log a "discovered it" log. This will still count towards your trackables found stats but doesn't move the trackable from its current location. This is the most responsible thing you can do when you can't help the trackable on its way.

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