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Kudos to jonboy!

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Quite a day of hiking and a couple of pretty good climbs along the way! If he walked from NY/NJ Multi Multi, to Terrace Pond, I'd be twice as impressed. It can be done. There is a trail that connects the two, but it would take an uber hiker to do so.


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Pretty fun to see people having fun up in my neck of the woods. Nice touch on the lakeside approach to Covert 002 and NY NJ multi. That is some serious hiking. You must feel pretty good today. That is the way I approached it and it got me hooked to geochaching, KUDOS!


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Nope, I walked in from Clinton Road, circling back on the yellow. It could be done without much more distance (I hiked 16 miles) by setting up a shuttle from the Lakeside Trail parking on Greenwood Lake and finishing at Clinton Rd, that would eliminate the back tracking. All I need is to find another nut who needs the same caches as me, and has the same day available as me. So what are some of the other superior mountain hiking caches in North Jersey?

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So what are some of the other superior mountain hiking caches in North Jersey?


I hear Ay Caramba !! is a good one. It's been on the top of my to-do list for quite a while.


I think there is a cache or two around Mt Tammany by the Delaware Watergap, but I've yet to get out there.


"It has been my experience that folks who have no vices have very few virtues" -Abraham Lincoln


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Jonboy, this deserves a nomination to the Artful Dodgers "Gung-Ho Geocacher of the month. Those are five difficult caches. I do not believe you will find anything that equals them in New Jersey.


For second best in Jersey we will nominate a set of three cache near Sunfish Pond in the Delaware Water Gap Area. (Near Mt. Tammany.) These three are Helispot, Dreamcatcher, No Hints Bridges the Gap. (Guess we are advertising since two of them we hid.) Up until the last three months or so it seamed that the majority of the finders of these three Jersey caches were from Pennsylvania. Not sure why that is.


We are sorry, cannot say anything about Ay Caramba!! Knowing the Artful Dodger, it is probably a good one. We have also been impressed by The Magster caches (Woof!).

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Congratulations Jonboy - quite an achievement!


WWW - I've got those three on my to-do list next time I get out to the gap. I've hiked through Worthington so many times (before caching!), but never came across the helipad area.


Sounds like some terrific caches out there and congratulations again to Jonboy on a great day of hiking!


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