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With the conversation about getting all the parts in another thread, I finally got up the nerve (after 13 months) to 'fess up to this one.


First spotted the cairn (JM0480) from several miles away in Nov 2009 and drove to the base of the nearby radio tower. A little scratching around came up with JM0479 Tri and its two RM's. Headed back down the road and when I cut the 163 degree bearing to the station the distance read 0.70 mi. With a whole year of Bench Marking experience I knew that the call distance to an azimuth was seldom correct, so after parking I walked out to the NNW figuring that it would be easy to find the salt ground. Wrong! Two hours later I had checked the top of every rock out to a mile within a twenty degree cone with out a bit of brass or a salt ground tag. Did find a legal free campground which I used several times over the years.


Made a call for help and a few days later Okie'sKid showed up from Montana (trying to spread the blame here), but after another unsuccessful hour we headed into Colorado for several interesting finds. Once or twice every year since more pilgrimages were made up there until last year I finally figured out that a back road I had birded on just might be the original call road. Headed down hill from there with the Etrex showing a 343 bearing and very shortly had the salt ground tag on the middle of three trees (now a 15 ft snag). Also realized that I did not have the exact calls with me.




Went on around the mountain to Taylor Flat where I found more than the legal limit of Lewis's Woodpeckers and got a cell signal to download a complete datasheet. Put it to good use the next day.






And I still need to do a corrected recovery. Anybody else? kayakbird

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Nicely done. Now that's an awesome adventure in the wilderness and you don't see mountainous views like that in Florida! Who says persistence doesn't pay-off?

I've not yet had any similar benchmark adventures, but Geocaching I went back 5 or 6+ times to find a difficult cache. Looked here & there, climbed a nearby tree, several times, and in the end the cache wasn't even up the tree. Did I ever feel like a sap!

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