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  1. Very, very cool. Thanks for sharing this on the forum. I'd probably buy a few since these are my favorites; however 40 is a too steep for a another trinket that'll sit in my drawer alongside my geocoins.
  2. I'm guessing this is an 'Intersection'? A cool picture I took from atop the new Freedom Tower looking down at the historic Woolworth Building in NYC. KV4361
  3. To best help you it's best to find out what programs and apps have you used? I use the old Hunt Markers and Findacontrol app on my iPhone. Plus the NGS webpage, NGS Datasheets to pull up the datasheets and load them into GSAK for sorting.
  4. Greyfox, this is the place. Yes, the CGS+SS disks are pretty cool disks. Post some CGS disk pictures.
  5. Somebody sent me a note after they tried to download and convert from .txt to .gpx the entire State of California's BM database. That's a lot of data, 63,768 benchmarks or 270 MB. The NGS-GPX program stalled after 90% or so in-progress. Apparently, the programmer says it's a memory processing issue. If you've tried it and experienced the same, there's a work around it. Here's how I made it work being a non-computer programmer guru; Split the size of the .txt file and make it into two or more smaller files. I.e. ca.txt and ca2.txt 1. Open state.txt file using Microsoft Notepad. 2. Highlight bottom half of the data, then right-click and 'cut'. 3. Save and close file. 4. Open new Notepad file, then 'paste' your copied text onto page. 4. Save file with new name, I.e. ca2.txt. Now you have 2 smaller .txt files to convert to .gpx that the NGS-GPS program can handle more easily. I hope this helps if you've had this problem. Now you can load each .gpx files, one at a time into GSAK. There may be another way to do this using DOS or some file splitting program. If someone knows of another way, please share the details.
  6. Haven't been finding too many USC&GS disks lately. I've been working on recovering AD7220. I was surprised to recover Reference Mark 2 so easily on the surface. Now I have to return at a time when there's less traffic in the area. The station mark appears to be borderline on the homeowners property line & front lawn. Has anybody been finding any USC&GS disks around the country?
  7. Is the next cheer for DENVER or CAROLINA?
  8. Geocaching with my probing tool at Vermont's oldest cache, Vt's Oldie; in some areas it could be used if necessary for self-defense. Also good for probing into tree and ground holes.
  9. I've been having a run of bad luck lately. I like recovering Triangulation disks, their reference marks and azimuth disk but they've either been missing or I just can't locate them. Oh well, what's one more DNF! I found this RM on a cool boulder along a canal on S. Florida's SR27. Exposed to the weather for 50+ years it certainly did tarnish a lot. AD7338
  10. This benchmark (BM) doesn't seem to be in the NGS database. This image lists all the BM's in Florida that have PNLS in the stamping. You found the actual page and logged it? Can you explain. This one has pics of a PNLS disk, My link Getting off-topic a bit, another BM the USPSQD logged as DNF several times. Down here in Broward County, I have a FL DOT series of disks stamped with PNxx that are, sadly, not in the database. With datasheets, the designations and stampings are varied and not always accurate. Posting a good picture of disk, the area, lat/lon, nearby Geocaches, etc. is useful when asking for disk identification.
  11. I believe the disk is labeled F 217. You found my favorite disk type. A USC&GS disk, PID JJ0519 Back on Aug, 2014, you found a cache that was 173' from this benchmark. Geocache Link Maybe you've never given much attention to the link on the Geocache page that shows benchmarks in the area of a Geocache; this benchmark is listed there? No matter, if you're just getting started on Benchmarks and their research; most of the folks on this forum are very helpful and give good advice! Check out my post of the forum, NGS Benchmark Retrieval by State. My link It'll show you how to load BM's into GSAK. The NGS-GPX file converter program I mention is, NGS-GPX Website It's used to convert .txt files to .gpx. If you need help...send me a mssg.
  12. Your Welcome! I share your pain; but now the pain is gone. This benchmarking site has been pretty good as the regulars like to share information and help others in the pursuit or benchmarks. Happy Benchmarking 2016!
  13. Happy 2016! I spent a nice S. Florida sunny afternoon trying to find two benchmarks, BIRD & SMOKE, on an Everglades levee road. The levee's go on and on for miles often with a bunch of triangulation stations together with their two reference mark disks. Even with a metal detector, I only had limited success. I was able to find a broken off disk stem at one of the reference marks. At the other I found one reference mark disk and a cut-off metal witness post. Link to BIRD Link to SMOKE
  14. These are the benchmarks in the Caymans that are in the NGS database that can be reported to the NGS. NGS Link AB9495, AB9496 and AB9261 are inactive/destroyed. Unfortunately, none of these displayed BM's are near your new Geocache on Little Cayman Island. How's the bonefishing?
  15. If you're also looking for an Iphone app to use on a road trip, try: 1. FindaControl - nice real time mapping as you drive and will display NGS datasheets. No link to Groundspeak. 2. HuntMarkers - I've been using this app for a couple of years. It displays a snapshot of BM's around your location. It links to Groundspeak; any BM you find using this app is loggable on the Geocaching website. Unfortunately, I searched for app today in the app store and could not find it. (it was searchable as FindMarkers) I sent an email to the app creator to see what's up. I'll post a note when I get a reply. They may also be available for Androids, but I don't know. Maybe someone else that knows of other mobile apps can chime in?
  16. In the past I was downloading benchmarks (BM's) by county, which was very, very time consuming. I finally figured out how to download BM's from the NGS site by State and then import them into GSAK. 1. From the NGS Survey Mark Datasheets site, NGS Datasheet Site, you click on and download your state file from the option, 'Monthly Archives by State:'. (see below image) The file will download as a .txt file. 2. Use the NGS-GPX program to convert the .txt file to a .gpx file. 3. Load the converted .gpx file into the GSAK database. IE. fl.gpx
  17. Not too cold for Snipe hunting over there? I would've stayed indoors at the coffee shop! Attended a BBQ party next door Christmas Eve.
  18. Bump....with all the folks Benchmarking and viewing this forum...Who else has some good probes to share??
  19. Unfortunately it's not in the NGS Database. Here's the HVO list.
  20. Did KayakBird answer your question or are you actually looking for the NGS link? Here it is if needed...NGS PID Link Nice CGS+SS disk! I query the NGS site by county as the state search times-out for me. I convert the results to gpx files and then upload them to GSAK. In GSAK in the filter area, I use the Full Text Search box to search by disk type. If I'm looking for a Magnetic Disk I enter MARKER: DM That searchs the datasheets for that match. If you need a list of the 2 letter disk codes let me know. I have an excel sheet with all the Gravity and Magnetic disks in the U.S. If you want it, send me a note. Searching by county is very tedious but effective. If somebody knows a way to search by State, without it timing-out, pls let me know.
  21. Merry Christmas to my fellow Benchmarkers and Geocachers!
  22. Merry Christmas! You may have seen in one of my previous posts that I created a Geocaching Benchmark Challenge for USC&GS disks. USC&GS Challenge During my travels throughout all of Florida's 67 counties I recovered a 'Topographic Station' disk. AG1367 This find occurred on a 16 hour all-nighter benchmarking trip. (And no encounters with the LEO's) I don't know much about these disks except that most of the one's I researched seemed to be on airport property, hence inaccessible to us common folk. I was fortunate to find one in Tampa adjacent to the water. Question is: Does anyone know about these disks, their purpose and why they seem to be primarily at airports? Also, why was this one along the water?
  23. Hopefully you'll find a nice depression in the ground to ease the search! Does anyone know, will a good or very good metal detector locate a disk 18" below the surface? Somehow I doubt my economy detector will do it.
  24. It's been raining cats & dogs for several days now. Can't wait for the sunshine to return.
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